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It seems I have finished 2014 by causing offence to much loved UK “comedian’ Lenny Henry. You can read about it here.

In essence, our Lenny was allowed to produce an episode of the BBC News flagship programme called “Today”. He chose to ensure that only non-white presenters worked on this edition.

Media Diversity

Lenny thinks that ethnic minorities are discriminated against. I tweeted a contrary view and the Huffington Post printed my comment and allowed Lenny a lengthy and self indulgent response. I note they refer to my comment as “racist”….so in the same vein and being aware of the same quotation marks I am suggesting that discriminating against people because of their skin colour makes Lenny “racist”. And by inference, the Huffington Post is also racist.

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9 thoughts on “LENNY HENRY IS “RACIST”?

  1. Immediately I heard the unfunny Lenny Henry’s tones on that Today programme, I switched it off, and instead tuned in to Classic FM.

    I do so appreciate being told, time and time again, how unjust we are towards blacks, browns, yellows, and, for all I know, turquoise people on the grounds of their skin colour. My message in return is quite simple, ‘If you don’t like the way we do things over here in Our Own Country; why stay?’

  2. It looks as though the ‘cuckoo in the nest’ is getting a tad restless, and feels entitled to even more room in the ‘nest’ – or perhaps he compares better with mistletoe, – a well known parasite that makes its appearance at Christmas!

    It isn’t as though he is particularly talented…

    (originally posted in error on the ‘Green on the inside’ thread)

  3. You are correct, I don’t see anything racist in your tweet, and the article was utterly one-sided.

  4. Turned over as soon as heard Lenny Henry’s annoying voice. Just as well I didn’t stick with it: I hate being associated with knuckle dragging racists.

  5. Well done, Mike.

    I am happy to act as a character witness in your forthcoming show trial.

    It’s the least I could offer.

  6. Lenny Henry was born in Britain as far as I know and therefore he is not a ‘cuckoo in the nest’ or someone who should leave ‘our country’. He is entitled to his opinion in any direction on any subject as anyone else of any colour who has only ever lived here , but having said that, I do disagree with his presumption that the BBC is racist and discriminates against ethnic minorities. Purely from my own observation I think the number of non-white people seen throughout the range of BBC programmes is more than likely at the very least similar to the proportion of non-whites in the population.

  7. Mahons

    Amusingly, the Huffington post also got the POINT of my tweet wrong. I had been subject to intense online Twitter abuse from the same kind folks who were vocal with regard to what happened in Ferguson. Having been called all sorts, I tweeted my comment. It was NOT about the wretched Lenny Henry at ALL!!!

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