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Good Education lies at the heart of any prosperous economy. The trouble is that under successive Governments the UK has a FAILED education system;

“Britain’s economy will not prosper unless its ‘mediocre’ education system is overhauled, a hard-hitting report says today. Failing schools and poorly performing teachers lead to a ‘waste of human resources on a grand scale,’ causing long-term damage to the UK, the scathing document says. Local councils which do not let failing schools close must see their wings clipped, and the system for assessing teachers must be revamped, it argues.

Quite so. We need to take a number of actions if the situation is to improve;

1. Sack poorly performing teachers and reward those who are excellent.

2. The dead hand of the teaching unions must be removed from our schools. Their baleful influence sustains the very mediocrity that this report highlights.

3. Government should have as little as input into Education as possible. It continually warps priorities in pursuance of political agendas. We have become dumbed down with over qualified people. What is needed is freedom in Education and the continual pursuit of excellence.

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7 thoughts on “LESSON FOR THE DAY…

  1. This is a prime example of the socialist desire for equality, achieved, not by bringing poor standards up to an overall higher level, but by lowering standards overall.

    Why do they do this? – because it is the easy option, and that is yet another destructive socialist trait, ‘if it ain’t easy, why bother’, has long been their motto. Perhaps they fear raising succesive generations smarter than themselves, and surely that doesn’t qualify hard task!

  2. 1) End compulsory schooling. This just distorts the market and makes people take it for granted.

    2) Make the payments of all child benefits contingent on attendence at school. No attendence, no payment.

    3) Give schools the absolute right to exclude disruptive students. “Yes johnny, you can trash the place, and assault the other students, but then we can get rid of you and your parents won’t get to be paid to watch daytime television anymore, then you will be in trouble”

  3. With Polish becoming England’s second language, and 50% of inner city schools being black & Asian, the decline in education looks set for generations to come.

  4. //With Polish becoming England’s second language, a//

    I don’t know. To my ears it sounds very much as if British English is quickly becoming England’s second language, a distant second after AE.

    I recently flew British Airways, and the standard of English in the passenger announcements on the plane was atrocious. These were not the results of some stressed stewardess speaking live into a microphone, but recordings of standard announcements that had obviously been made at leisure. Lousy grammar, phoney technical stuff, awkward Americanisms that weren’t even used rightly, split infinitives all over the place…
    I tell you, Pete Moore is fighting the wrong battle.

  5. Government should have as little as input into Education as possible.

    Well universal education is funded by government, for the big majority, from the taxes that are paid. Do you wish to change that?

    If the government is to have as little input as possible, who should have the major input? In the absence of government input, the influence of the teachers unions will become even greater.

  6. http://www.city-journal.org/2013/23_1_vocabulary.html
    This article discusses the role of vocabulary in education. While I don’t agree it’s the be-all and end-all of educational problem…it is a component worth exploring.

    Another fun education-related article is http://nymag.com/news/features/high-school-2013-1/ Why You Truly Never Leave High School. Boy, am I glad I had a positive high school experience! As I was reading it, I did think about all the characters on ATW.

  7. I think its all down to a combination of falling standards,
    “streetspeak innit”,
    and electronic gadgets that only use American bastardised English..

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