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Paul McCartney sang the little ditty “Let”em in” way back when Wings were over America and it seems that  immigration officials at Aberdeen Airport in Scotland have taken this as official policy!

Thirty-five illegal migrants were reported to be free
in the north-east last night after immigration officials at Aberdeen
Airport granted them emergency admission to the UK. It is understood 37 new arrivals from Bolivia in South
America were released on condition they returned the following day to
have immigration papers processed. But only two came back and both were allowed to stay.

I reckon this is verging on the criminally reckless and those who signed off this decision should be sacked and then send to Bolivia! The Police should then use all available resources to track down these literally high flying illegals. Britain continues with this disastrous “Let’ ’em in” policy and many of us think it is a deliberate policy implemented on behalf of the rotten NuLabour elite. It’s all to easy to see this as serial bungling but it is more telling to view it as a wicked and systematic plan to import a third world class, sympathetic to the socialists in power, that will fracture, divide and ultimately destroy that which once made Britain great. Immigration control at Aberdeem Airport symbolises our flight from immigration reality.

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13 thoughts on “LET ‘EM IN…?

  1. At the 2002 Commonwealth games in Manchester, the Sierra Leone team decided they liked the city so much, they all did a "runner" . As far as i know the whole team is still out there somewhere, probably working in the "black economy"(enough puns!)

  2. As was remarked elsewhere in the blogosphere, Scotland does have a shortage of llama farmers – a key skill under Nulab.

    Those responsible for this calamity should be sacked. The so-called UK Border Agency should be held accountable for this. I have no doubt that similar attempts will be made by groups turning up en masse then getting let through. How on earth were they all allowed on the plane in Amsterdam if they didn’t have correct papers?

  3. " How on earth were they all allowed on the plane in Amsterdam if they didn’t have correct papers?"

    Cause the Dutch are smarter than the Scots, ALLAN@ABERDEEN.

    They were following the old edict: If I have a problem and give it to you, I no longer have a problem.

  4. In a perfect world

    the airplane should be confiscated by the government

    the crew should be arrested and subsequently imprisoned for a term of ten years or more as being at least accessories to the crime of illegal alien smuggling

    the illegal alien passengers should be detained for a day or two. When it is clear that they are illegals, they should be sent back to Bolivia

    The aircraft should be sold and the funds allocated to the return airfares of these illegals, and secondarily to the general government funds.

  5. At least now this shows the heart of the matter. The problem is not with those trying to get in but with those that allow them in, as can be seen very clearly by this. Heads should roll over this.

  6. Phantom’s proposal would work, and quickly too. No heads will roll over this because it is policy to allow such anybody into the country: if it were not, then people would be held accountable and sacked.

    None of the three biggest parties would adopt Phantom’s sensible proposal, but the fourth biggest party would which is why I now support them. What about the rest of you – your options are rather limited now, don’t you think?

  7. Sir, remember that these are human beings, people, and my compatriots, who are not there to disrupt your local politics, or to piss anyone off.

    They are there, to make a living, to survive, since unfortunately conditions were not favoring them in our native lands. While I understand and sympathize with the plight of first-world workers, who have also been screwed by "free trade" and the like, I hope deep down inside you can look beyond nationalities and just sympathize with the position of those 30-some people.

    For some history of how your government, corporations and elites have screwed over our nations on this side of the Atlantic, I would recommend Eduardo Galeano’s "The Open Veins of Latinamerica" as a starter.

    I, for one, am grateful to the immigration officials who made a decision to free these people, rather than hold them in inhumane over-capacity conditions as criminals.

  8. BC makes the argument that anyone who gets here should be allowed entry: I disagree. Bolivia is a country run by and for Bolivians so, if conditions there are ‘unfavourable’ then they should deal with that. After all, it is their country, and this is my country.

  9. BC, I don’t doubt for a second that our ‘government, corporations and elites’ have screwed over your nations. Believe me they’re doing the same to us. With respect we’re full. This is a small island and we can’t take anymore. If we sound unsympathetic it’s because we’ve had enough. Let us both identify our common enemy which would include ‘elites’ in your own country if only you knew it (though perhaps you do). The aim is a ‘New World Order’ of a ‘One World Government’. The most resistance to this is from the ‘West’ which is why your countrymen and many more like them are being used to weaken our national identity. I suspect in the fullness of time they’ll also be used to create (even more) social problems in the classic ‘divide and rule’ tactic (though the ever expanding Muslim population will almost certainly be the major proxies). The diversity they constantly talk about is really division. These people are malign and enemies of us both.

  10. LOL. We don’t have much room for anything else, Eddie. I see your point, apostate. Ironically there is plenty of room and resources, particularly water which we will hear about more and more, in Bolivia.

    But running the country "of by and for Bolivians", well, that is still a work in progress, which is why these pesky elites and corporations have us following their profits back to London, Madrid, etc., instead of enjoying and having our British friends over for tea in the Andes (-: Cheers

  11. BC, thanks for your good-mannered opinions on the matter of illegal (Bolivian) immigrants, emphasis on illegal. The problem is definitely the officials who released the arrivals who should have been detained somewhere. Releasing illegal immigrants is government policy because, if it were not, then the officials responsible would have been sacked.

  12. –Releasing illegal immigrants is government policy because, if it were not, then the officials responsible would have been sacked–

    astonishing. So if you find your way into the country, your chances of escaping into society are very good indeed

    Boliviano Clandestino

    How did you find this site?

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