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As we approach the Season of Goodwill, with the ancient days of Advent heralding the true Nativity, the birth of the One whom Christians all across this world revere as the Christ, allow me to present the manner in which a sizeable proportion of our Populace will be readying themselves to enjoy their days of Peace and Goodwill to all men!



ATW readers are invited to suggest words, or indeed sentences, appropriate to the various people in the photograph; e.g. the fat one with the red hair, the black lady with the tasteful bonnet; etc.

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17 thoughts on “Let nothing you dismay!

  1. On a day now known in the US as Black Friday I refuse to go to any major store in protest against the collective stupidity of this crass commercialism. I am afraid you have capitalism to blame and not multiculturalism this time.

  2. Assuming that the picture is not yet another media fabrication, it would be so easy to post a paragraph or five or so of derogatory comment. However, the past is the past so why encourage even more depression than we currently endure, so I will attempt something a tad more positive,so how about –

    “Welcome to Blair’s dream of modern Britain, where shopping is a pleasure and manners and decent behaviour are a thing of the past, do come and join us and you too can have it all!”

  3. I’d prefer to pay more some other day than to be an imbecile who shows up at 5am to participate in this

  4. Paul – I imagine the objection in some quarters isn’t to the hysterical materialism, but the fact that black people are shopping in the store.

  5. A healthy economy requires growth, we are told, and growth needs continuously rising demand and consumerism and the common assumption that every “luxury” is really a necessity, and you therefore fight for it just as you’d fight for your very survival.

    We have seen a lot of people in other cultures compared to animals here over the past week. In seems in our own, all it takes is a 20 quid reduction on the latest plastic fad.

  6. These things are largely non-events for the local economy. They might help the Chinese economy a bit.

  7. Paul,

    Blair – the patron saint of greed, in whatever and wherever it manifests itself.


    I think you are once again jumping to the wrong conclusion. In most of the large shopping areas in the UK the sight and presence of coloured people has long been accepted. Perhaps you are mistaking current UK with a long gone South Africa, or perhaps some present state of the USA!

  8. Blair – the patron saint of greed, in whatever and wherever it manifests itself.

    I think bad manners, greed and all those other nice things existed long before Blair did Ernest.

  9. Paul,

    They certainly did, but you have to admit he took it to a higher level than ever before.

  10. Many of Blair’s grasping contemporaries, including both Clintons, and GW Bush, are candidates for he position as well.

    Somehow, all these ” public servants ” wind up being handed major league sports teams, get $300,000 for a 40 minute speech, and wind up living in the fancy house.

  11. Mike –

    DV posted about this yesterday. You posted yesterday about the Market Rasen school, which I posted about last week.

    Don’t you look at the front page?

  12. Pete,

    Heavens-to-Betsy, I do apologise! I did not realise that more than one opinion was frowned upon, especially by Pete Moore, the would-be leader of the free.

  13. Huh! – Thanksgiving Day! – an American event, – the day retailers give thanksgiving for a stupid public! – our equivalent, and a much more mature event was called Harvest Festival, and had been celebrated for centuries before America was even discovered.

    Such is the demise of the religious connections in our culture that there has been no mention of it, in either the media or in what remains of our local church infrastructure. Perhaps it is the religious connection that has caused the disinterest in this event. That it was as much a communal event as a religious one seems not to matter, it had little commercial profit involved and thereby had to ‘die the death’, no profit equals no event.

    And so, little by little our culture changes, – for the better say some, maybe, only time will tell, and by then, of course it will be too late.

  14. Mahons,

    No, not personally, but Harvest Festival was still a recognised event on the communal and religious calendar as recently as the late 1980’s.

    As the owner of a bakery company I know this to be a fact as we produced model wheat sheaves, made from wheat dough, for congregation members to donate to their local churches. I never did ask what they did with them after the festival.

    I see you are still suffering from that bout of subtle sarcastic ageism, never mind it will go away when you eventually grow up! 🙂

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