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Another dreary “break through” deal in Northern Ireland breathlessly sold by the Government and the local Parties as a new Jerusalem! In fact, on examination, it is nothing of the sort! First…the headlines…

US President Barack Obama has praised the broad agreement reached in Northern Ireland cross-party talks. The talks on welfare, the past, flags and parades involved the British and Irish governments and lasted 12 weeks. Stormont will get £2bn in extra spending power from the UK government. Mr Obama said it showed “when there is a will and the courage to overcome the issues that have divided the people of Northern Ireland, there is a way to succeed for the benefit of all”.

LOL – so amusing. The essence of “the deal” is little more than more loans, more debt, more quangos and more of the same soulless dysfunctionality that characterises politics here. The ONLY thing the locals agreed on is that they want more cash so they do not have to deal with the benefit culture they carefully cultivate! Nothing of any merit has been achieved but this is all about sustaining the farcical “peace process” at any cost and in this case, it measure £2 BILLION more over ten years.

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6 thoughts on “LET THEM ALL TALK!

  1. Yes it must take enormous will and courage for local politicians in N.I. to accept the extra £2billion of taxpayers money being thrown at them.

  2. After the Good Friday Agreement, DUP / Sinn Fein now give the people of Northern Ireland a wonderful Christmas present – a cool 2 billion quid.

  3. What will that 2 billion quid be spent on, exactly?

    Government employee salaries? Or something useful?

  4. Noel thinks he’ll benefit. It will go to the bureaucracy and subsidies for people who don’t want to or can not find work. The only part of that money you’ll see Noel is the part of it you PAY in taxes.

  5. Noel doesn’t live there, and I don’t think that he ever did.

    He’s from the Republic and now lives I think in Germany.

    The question would be what good does the 2 billion do, and what exactly is it spent on and does it foster dependence or is it a one off of some kind.

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