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Gotta love IMF supremo Christine LaGarde..

 The head of the International Monetary Fund enjoys a tax-free income of £350,000,it emerged yesterday – days after she attacked Greeks for failing to pay their taxes. Christine Lagarde provoked a furious backlash after blaming Greece’s economic plight on citizens ‘who are trying to escape tax all the time’.  Lagarde takes home £298,675-a-year untaxed AND receives further tax-free allowance package of £52,000

I say, let them eat Souvlaki,

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3 thoughts on “LET THEM EAT SOUVLAKI…

  1. My missus thinks Madame LaGarde is “très mince et sophistiqué”, but I say what she lacks in excess body weight (miaoww!) she makes up for in insensibilité and stupidité.

    Either she was chosen for her lack of commonsense, or perhaps Angular Merkel took a shine to her and supported her candidacy… 😉
    The Greeks are indifferent to paying taxes, but that was common knowledge. The EU maestros knew that, but their pompous and arrogant political ambitions were apparently willing to overlook that failing.

  2. socialism is NEVER for the socialist…. just the little people

    My daughter was looking at the picture of her on drudge last night and asked if it was a woman or a man

  3. Oh, IMO she is definitely a woman,. and quite an attractive woman (to a man of my advancing years anyway..)
    She obviously looks after herself and would probably have no trouble at all in negotiating the doors to McDonalds.

    But I’m sure your kids are nothing like these, Monsieur Troll 😉

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