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Yesterday in the United States was Thanksgiving.

This day is set aside for us all to give thanks to God for the simple joys of our lives. We tend to forget all the things God has given us. The very blessing of life is a gift we forget to count all too often.

We look at a problem we are having with the Bills, the kids. the spouse, the job, or even worse our health…. But no matter the issue we are alive.

We are surrounded by gifts, take the time to notice them… and Give Thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Let Us Give Thanks

  1. Which God would that be? The Abrahamic one,presumably, that believed in slave owning if you are quoting Georgie.

    Of course, George was of a time when believing in Sky faeries was as understandable as owning slaves. Now, neither are the preserve of the enlightened.

  2. Your interpretation of the good word is up for debate in my view smcgiff. The Interpretation of the Bible or actually Bibles because there are several versions… is a matter of do you interpret them literally or metaphorically? Was the Universe created in 7 days…. but then again how long is one day for God?
    Look into the eyes of your child see the innocents and you’ll see the wonder of god, look upon the addict and the criminal, as compared to the blue collar working family man and you’ll see the choice for man of Gods two paths… right or wrong, but it’s always your choice due to freewill.
    we suffer our own sins

  3. yeah give thanks for sure
    “we suffer our own sins”
    nah there is not enough suffering for say the traitors behind Jan 6th
    rich and powerful get away with it
    the poor suffer even though they have done no wrong
    But God sees everything

  4. there were no traitors on Jan 6, it was a minor riot that if anything should scare the whole country due to the fact that everyone involved has been stuck in a gulag and been denied due process.
    God is not responsible for mankind’s suffering.

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