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If you have toddlers, of course.

The International Space Station will be visible over Blighty early this evening (and maybe elsewhere: check for local viewing times). The weather will be good, with clear and starry skies, and quite right too since we British invented the weather, dont you know. So the way to lie to your children is to go outside for the times below, pick out the ISS, then tell your kiddies to come running to see Santa. It helps if you know your north and south too, because you need to look south.


I saw it a couple of years ago. The best way to pick it out is to not focus on any area of sky, but to look in the right general direction and let the bright, moving light make itself seen.

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  1. …you can’t bleedin miss the contraption at over 100yds long!

    I shall endeavour to get my man servant to wheel me out in the bath chair where an excellent view may be had from the croquet lawn.
    I thank you.

  2. This kind of post is always worthwhile.

    I brought the kids up to the roof at 6:20, but unfortunately sky’s overcast.

    But it’s apparently even better placed for viewing from here tomorrow evening. Found this good site for tracking

  3. I missed it this evening, but have seen it a couple of times before. It’s only about 200 miles above us.

  4. tell them the truth… Santa’s a Time Lord.

    I mean c’mon The Time it takes to hit every house in one day, and a bag that’s bigger on the inside than out….

    He’s a refugee from Gallifrey

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