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Right now, once again SCOTUS is hearing a case that Challenges Roe V Wade. This is just a short post that is not about Abortion or the Merits of this case. This is a short set of Remarks in regard to the Court itself, and The Omni Present Veil of Secrecy that it is shrouded in. This is a problem facing the American Judicial System as a whole, but it is extremely offensive in regard to SCOTUS.

Light is the greatest reveler of Truth and an antiseptic not just for germs, but it is even better for stupidity.

There are Camera’s in Both the House and Senate that record and broadcast the Proceedings of both Chambers for the People to watch if we see fit. They are Broadcast on C-Span1 & C-Span2. Camera’s need to be installed and The Supreme Court NEEDS to be C-Span3.

Today because of the hyper attention this case brings we had a very rare treat. They allowed audio of the Hearing to be broadcast Live.

Here is the Audio

NOW if you have the time and the fortitude to sit through it you have the opportunity.

My take on the Hearing not the Case, is that Justice Sotomayor is both an Idiot and a Political Hack who everyone should HAVE TO hear it’s embarrassing. The Supreme Court’s Sole Purpose is to Judge the Constitutionality of a Law, or a Judicial Ruling nothing else. It is not the Job of Court, or Justices to debate Philosophy and Religion, nor use either to decide on the Constitutionality of a Law.

You decide. Here is 3 minutes of political idiocy.

Part2 of her idiocy

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