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PLEASED to report that England is in fine nick this summer, and I should know since I’ve just walked over much of it. There, that’s the view over the Lake District while coming down Skiddaw (below), a place I’ve long loved and will always go back to. I’d liked to have shown the view from the top of Skiddaw but that was in the clouds so it was a relief just to see the trail.

You see, dear reader, I’ve just had a week in a cottage up in the North Pennines wilderness from where I did alot of trudging about. As if that wasn’t enough, the laptop wasn’t even a memory, political shenanigans were unimportant, the fridge was stocked with medicinal booze, my neighbours were sheep, the radio was just a crackle and a mobile phone signal was miles away – sheer heaven.

Next time: two weeks!

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13 thoughts on “LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE

  1. Pete

    We stayed in Keswick for a few days in October 2008. We wanted to walk over Skiddaw, but it was snow-covered and way too dangerous. So we climbed Cat Bells instead, and got caught in a blizzard.

    Great days!

  2. stayed in Keswick last year, wen out on bikes, subsequenly got lost, ( of course, I had no map, and, er, um, had a fly in my eye ) and cycled all day….fantastic

    Drank a lot of ale in a bar called the corner house? on the corner of the square, and climbed skiddaw etc over the 10 days.

    Lovely place, it was the first time back since my army days many moons ago.

    We also visted carlisle for the horse racing, and the other nearby towns; I will say this, it is a beautiful and majestic place.

  3. Pete

    I’d love to know more details. Did you plot this trip out yourself, or did you go with a guide? With friends or solo?

    I’ve never taken such a walking holiday, but the idea sounds wonderful.

    You very rarely hear of people taking such trips in America.– very many of our streets sad to say or not made for walkers, or cyclists. They’re made for cars and only cars.

  4. Great to see you back Pete. It all looks and sounds idyllic and oh! the peace you must have enjoyed to recharge your batteries.

  5. marlloy –

    Oh it was idyllic alright. I could feel the stresses and strains of life leaving me for the first few days.

    Phantom –

    I went with a couple of friends. We had the idea a while ago and one of them booked the cottage recently. As long as the place was remote, comfy and had plenty of good walking I was in.

    That area, especially the Lake District, is well served for outdoors pursuits so a guide isn’t needed. Just book accommodation, turn up, get a map and spend all day outdoors.

  6. Looks amazing Pete. Welcome back

    Off on a weeks camping trip with my girlfriend this Saturday. Hoping to spend some days in the Beara peninsula in west cork, and a few nights on the Shannon. Hoping for a similarly relaxing holiday

  7. Good stuff Pete. I’ve spent some time in the Lake District – gorgeous place – but not for a while.

  8. Why thank you all.

    Peter –

    Yes, I was hoping to kick off with Catbells as a leg stretcher. The views are fantastic for the effort involved. Unfortunately my mate was fixed on Skiddaw. Since we’d just arrived, I must have achieved the slowest ascent by anyone. In fact I was zig-zagging so much across the trail (it’s flatter than straight up) I reckon I did it twice.

  9. Phantom –

    A pleasure. Do let me know if you ever plan on heading up there. I’ll be more than happy to help out.

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