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What exactly is the POINT of having street lighting if it is to be turned off when most needed? Is it possible to take legal action against negligent local Councils?

At least half the county councils across the UK are plunging tens of thousands of streets into darkness to save money. Despite fears of increased accidents and crime, blackouts are being imposed after midnight in residential and rural areas by at least half the county councils across the UK. Cash-strapped town halls are either switching off street lamps or fitting dimmer switches as they try to cut energy bills and meet climate change targets.

These climate change targets come courtesy of an unholy alliance between various political parties and eco-cultists. The net result is that lives are endangered but hey…we’re doin’ our best to save the planet, man.

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  1. Here in France they have been turning off the lights at mid-night in our little village. Useless of course, if climate change is the motivation as 75% of French electricity comes from nuclear and you cannot use nuclear stations for load following easily. In fact France dumps electricity at night over the DC link to the UK as electricity must be used when it is made and it is easier to control the UK grid.

    I am afraid all this sort of thing is just tokenism. Nobody with any real engineering knowledge is allowed anywhere near these sorts of political decisions.

    Nice though, you can see the stars and on moonlit nights everything is lit up almost like daylight.

  2. As the first sentence of the linked story makes clear, this has nothing to do with “climate chhange targets” and everything to do with spending cuts. Blame George Osborne, not Greenpeace.

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