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As some may know, last Saturday was the annual “Earth Hour” comedy, so beloved of the anti-civilisation left aka ecoloons. I was amused by this dissection of their folly!

Consider the activists’ recommendation of replacing electric lights with candles for an hour. Candles are made from paraffin, i.e., refined crude oil, and are far less efficient than electric bulbs — even those dastardly incandescent light bulbs our government is so helpfully seizing from us. You would need about 40 candles to match the light produced by a 40-watt bulb, but just one candle cancels out any theoretical CO2 reduction.

Then there’s the effect of a mass off-switch/on-switch across an electrical grid. Power companies still pump the same amount of energy despite a brief dip in consumption. But when a large number of people simultaneously increase consumption at the end of Earth Hour, a surge often requires engineers to fire up additional coal or oil-fueled resources.

And liberals claim that conservatives are anti-science!

How many Polar bears have to die before the watermelon contingent are dismissed for the cranks they so clearly are?

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  1. “How many Polar bears have to die before the watermelon contingent are dismissed for the cranks they so clearly are?”
    If polar bears can’t flick on light switches, they’ll certainly struggle with tea lights..

    Some years back some of my “liberally minded, touchy feely, support the minorities -no matter WHAT they stand for” relatives, tried to get me to join them in “saving the planet by turning out the lights”.
    I couldn’t believe the naivety and my nieces and nephew have never forgiven me for refusing to join in.
    Yet they see no incongruity in their jetting around the world for holidays and visiting friends.
    That is what I mean by gesture politics. It is a form of playground bullying.

  2. There was an Earth Hour at the weekend? Who knew? For the last few years it’s been big news. Now, it’s no news.

    The CO2 game’s up. The momentum has disappeared. The world has yawned and moved on.

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