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I see that Obama has composed a little love letter to Ahmadinejad

“Officials of Barack Obama‘s administration have drafted a letter to Iran from the president aimed at unfreezing US-Iranian relations and opening the way for face-to-face talks, the Guardian has learned.

The US state department has been working on drafts of the letter since Obama was elected on 4 November last year. It is in reply to a lengthy letter of congratulations sent by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on 6 November.

Diplomats said Obama’s letter would be a symbolic gesture to mark a change in tone from the hostile one adopted by the Bush administration, which portrayed Iran as part of an “axis of evil”. (Boo Hiss – we all know that Iran is a good and kind nation) It would be intended to allay the ­suspicions of Iran’s leaders and pave the way for Obama to engage them directly, a break with past policy.”

Yes- the letter should really do the trick. Why didn’t anyone in the Bush regime think of this cunning ploy I wonder? Oh well, now we have the Demo sophisticates in power we can be sure that more letters will be written and surely more problems solved.

Mind you, Ahmie has responded to an overture by The One by.. demanding an apology for past US “crimes” committed against Iran.

I wonder if a written apology will suffice?

God, grovelling to Iran and he’s only just been sworn in. Israel – look out.

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35 thoughts on “LITTLE LOVE LETTERS…

  1. Well david I suppose you think the CIA have a right to go about inspiring coups in countries they have no business being in and install autocrats in place of democratically elected leaders?

  2. Good to see Obama is honouring his election promises – so far. Also good to see a US president applying brain not muscle for a change.

    Talking is the only way to peace and to the solution of the complex problems of the entire region.

  3. Hopefully in so doing Obama won’t lend legitimacy to this regime which is unstable with it’s own people right now. But I suspect this will. If he does he will betray a heck of a lot of Iranian people who risk life and limb protesting it all year round with horrendous consequences. A potentially huge blunder.

    Noone needs to start talking about lobbing bombs at them but the international community so far isolating Iran has been the correct approach.

  4. Alison:

    So the best way to tame a wild dog is to lock it outside in a shed is it? I’d have thought inviting it indoors for a chat over a plate of hot Pedigree Chum worked better. That’s what the dog trainers tell me anyhow.

  5. No, but he acts like one at times: snarling and lashing out at all and sundry.

    The metaphor was my attempt to show the folly of isolation.

  6. He’s much smarter than that. He lashes out to all and sundry to ensure a reaction and strengthen his position. Best ignored.

  7. Alison, no United States Administration actually gives a damn about the Human Rights Abuses inside Iran. Iran is currently a threat to the stability in the region and is thus a threat to United States foreign policy.

    If Obama can stabilise relations with Iran, and thus stablise the region, he will turn a blind eye to the abuse ongoing in Iran, in the same way the successive US Administrations ignored the human rights abuses in Chile because it was in the USA’s best interest to turn a blind eye.

    Obama will do what he feel is in the United States’ best interest. He was elected to serve the people of the United States, not the people of Iran. If he can create peace by legitimising Amadinajhad then he will give him more legitimacy.

  8. It won’t stabilize the region it will do just the opposite, the Arabs fuck with the Jews but they know the Jews only want Israel with Jerusalem and they are convenient scapegoats to use as a tool on their own masses.

    Persia is viewed as a real threat by the rest of the Arab world a nuclear Iran will spark a real arms race in the ME which believe it or not does not want to be under the Ayatollahs thumb.

    Obama is will cause more long term damage in the middle east than even carter did

  9. The Troll:

    The region was reasonably stable a few years back. International interference, ie invasion, changed all that. It’s time to talk. Obama is intelligent. He knows the score better than we do.

  10. When I’minthemoodforjihad asks for an apology, that’s a public indication that he does not want relations at all.

    In that part of the world, apology means ritual humiliation. Which hopefully even Obama will not even consider.

    But Persia is a complex place, and this could be him jockeying among the other maniacs who run the place.

  11. That could be true. There are some people who are so right wing that they are basically reactionaries, some on this blog who will remain nameless, yet bear a striking resemblence to Vladimir Lenin, who are criticising Obama for looking towards diplomatic channels to resolve the problems with Iran. How do we not know that Ahmadinejad is suffering the same arguments from his crazies?

  12. I am all for diplomatic openings, but would have tried to do it without any publicity.

    Like Kissinger’s first meetings in China, which were completely unnoticed until the Nixon visit was announced.

    Eliminates a great deal of problems.

  13. But, could you imagine what the outcry from the Right would be if Obama was talking to Iran in secret? It would cause far more contreversy if secret talks between Iran and the US were leaked than Obama just announcing it.

  14. It won’t stabilise the region though. He is already offering his pep talk without preconditions.

    Unless he engages other political groups, which he could do, then he will simply enhance the status quo.

    Offering incentives such as membership in the World Trade Organization, new economic investment and normalized diplomatic relations will strengthen the current regime, do little to assuage his ambitions, and do nothing for the people of Iran for whom it would be better for the US to long term support.

    The EU has engaged one such Iranian group and this week took them off the terror list – much to the annoyance of the A.

    Only the U.S. continues to describe the PMOI as a “terrorist organization. If Obama did so also his actions would be an extraordinary signal of support for those who want to bring about a change in Tehran and further bring about the end of that regime.

  15. It would also indicate a policy that the United States doesn’t mind Terrorism as long as that Terrorism is used against states that the United States doesn’t like.

  16. When we established ties with China, the Vietnam war was still on, and China was arming the North Vietnamese.

    There should be very few times when you don’t negotiate with someone- especially a country that is a regional power.

    And a country with a population that is more sophisticated than any of its neighbors and that actually has a lot of pro-American and pro-Western young people in it who despise the ayatollahs more than any of us do.

    I want to talk to the government and to talk above the government there to that country’s people. Yes I do.

  17. Your last paragraph is spot on Phantom. And I hope Obama doesn’t alienate them by strengthening the current regime.

  18. Yes, it’s a fine line.

    I’d basically do the same thing with Cuba too.

    The fact that one negotiates does not indicate weakness, and it doesn’t mean you’re going to give in on matters of principle either.

  19. No but you need to be careful HE doesn’t set the preconditions – which he appears to have already done.

    Kind of undermines Obamas conciliatory tone.

    And in closing himself off to other groups and other options he is suggesting the US will stabilise the current regime and doesn’t much care for the people of Iran.

  20. Good point Phantom.

    Mind you, my idea of "subtle" diplomacy would be "subtle" bombing of their nuke facilities, in a gift wrapped package, of course.

  21. Lets see

    The Persians are slick, but Obama’s slick too

    An interesting column from Amir Teheri, a native Iranian with strong contacts in the Middle East, which is his focus.

    He would agree with you on this.

    He was also critical about the appointment of George Mitchell as ME envoy -without consulting the UK ( which already has Blair doing that ) or the EU or any other interested/friendly parties- which is a beginners error by Obama.

  22. David:

    "Mind you, my idea of "subtle" diplomacy would be "subtle" bombing of their nuke facilities, in a gift wrapped package, of course."

    Which is why the world should be grateful that Obama is President not you. I don’t wish to see Armageddon in my lifetime, thanks – nor in anybody else’s for that matter.


    "And I hope Obama doesn’t alienate them [the people of Iran] by strengthening the current regime."

    I hope so too. But I think they’re smart enough to see the olive branch as being to their benefit.

  23. To the extent that it leads to economic liberalization, trade with the US, that could improve the standard of living for many

    If a conflict over the Iranian nuke program was avoided via diplomacy that benefits all Iranians ( and all others )

    Wider contact could over time loosen the death grip of the clerics to the benefit of the larger population.

    Hard to retain the clenched fist over someone whom you trade with and talk to every day.As it is, I believe that many Iranians think the " Death to America" stuff is idiotic beyond belief.

    Look at how Vietnam opened up significantly when they had the rapprochement with America. Different situation, but their grievances with the US were far more legitimate than anything the Iranians have.

    The US and Vietnam are now de facto allies in many areas and the relationships between the peoples has returned to the normal status of good to very good.

    I do not have such high hopes vis a vis Iran, but things could improve a lot from the present state.

  24. Two points Phantom. Contact is fine, at a low level. When a benchmark is reached the level can be raised. That’s a far cry from the President going hat in hand straight away to the dictator. Even Hillary said as much.

    Second point. You allude to Nixon going to China. True, but Nixon’s bona fides as an anti-Communist were well established. Obama is as green as Eire herself. I’d rather leace A-jhad to Hillary.

  25. From an ordinary Iranian Citizen the US did arm Sadam Hussein who did launch a horrid war against Iran. I think the US should be strong with Iran no doubts they can not be allowed to gain a nuclear arsenal. But its no point insisting that the US hands are totally clean when it comes to Iran.

  26. Don’t say that they do.

    Any more than this Iranian government has clean hands in the region, or as respects huge segments of its own population

  27. What I’m trying to say is I think that most people in the west knows what needs to be done but the US needs to engage with these people in the same way as Regan engaged with communisim. I think there is certainly no harm in high level discussion. The US are the wests best shot at the moment of upholding our values but they are not totally clean

  28. Phantom

    Yes and noone would deny that any of that is ideal. I kind of addressed this already but I’ll dig a little deeper.

    The Iranian people already have access to a great deal of western culture and in fact enjoy it to larger degree than anywhere else in the Middle East. The issue they have is with the mullahs. If the current regime is starting to crumble, as it is, then Obama in extending whatever financial and diplomatic aid he thinks will work, is merely strengthening the incumbent power – not the people.

    The problem with what you suggest is that with every step the Iranian people take towards enjoying western values and culture as they already do and are, the mullahs crack down harder, strip away rights further, remove contact and skew the propaganda by way of tv and contact to present America in a bad light to those there gullible enough to fall for it. So unless Obama addresses any of that into the bargain – he will fail.

    It very much depends on how business is allowed to function in Iran under the current regime. Until you reduce the mullahs grip on the country you cannot extend trade further. And that will require more tactical thinking than making a play for a world nod of approval by being seen to chat with Iran.

    And as we have seen already the A holds all the trump cards in that he has pulled the rug from under Obama’s feet saying more or less "thanks for your hand of friendship but get down on your knees and grovel first". None of that will assist the people who are trying to establish a regular free secular democratic society and which would provide the basis for stronger and safer future relations with Iran. None of that will reduce the mullahs grip on the country. Quite possibly and more likely – the exact opposite.

  29. Charles:

    "Obama is as green as Eire herself. I’d rather leace A-jhad to Hillary."

    What do these lines mean? I genuinely don’t understand them.

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