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Welfarism isn’t just bad for the mind, but also for the body;

Sickness benefit worth £7million is being paid out to people who say they are too fat to work, it has emerged. State handouts are being given to 2,630 people who say their excessive weight prevents them from earning a living. Meanwhile, a similar number of people claiming benefits for eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia costs taxpayers £6million a year.

What a scandal these payments constitute.  If YOU eat too much or indeed too little, why on earth should you expect to be in receipt of these £££ millions from the taxpayer? Too fat to work but not quite so fat that you can’t sign on for benefit? This is another instance of how bloated and distorted Welfarism has become, it actually rewards the greedy, the voracious as well as the self starving. Yes, these people probably need some sort of help but they will never improve whilst the State is there to actually PAY them for their weight issues.

I might sound harsh but maybe they should try just eating a bit less and exercising a bit more? I can just say some hand wringing liberals demanding that we fork out the millions required by really Big Sloth in this instance since these are “medical” problems and they cannot help themselves. That is a matter of opinion and in my view the State does these people a disservice by pandering to them.

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  1. The European Liberal socialist welfare travesty is driven by some convoluted idea that EVERYTHING is a “human right”.

    Of course, this moronic notion is perpetuated by governments to offer titbits to the minions and keep them under control.

    Socialism flourishes in an infantile, unevolved society. That’s why the Obummer got elected. He promised his African-American cousins and other minorities that government would furnish not only everything they required, but everything they WANTED to sate their instant gratification for pleasure.

    Rush Limbauch was 100% correct when he referred to that 30-year old career Socialist activist as a “slut”. She and her feminists cohorts want government to pay for condoms even though she can afford to attend a university whose fees are well over $60,000 per annum.

    Take the advice of an old codger, Ms. Fluke……..Go out to the local supermarket and spend $2 to buy a roll of cling-film (that’s Saran wrap for all you Yanks). That’s how I got through college without producing any progeny or requiring a Penicillin jab.

  2. Eddie,

    I didn’t realize you’re an old codger. I’d attributed your vituperative outbursts to the callowness of youth. Goes to show that age doesn’t always bring with it wisdom and compassion.


    “Too fat to work but not quite so fat that you can’t sign on for benefit?”

    Work is harder than signing on, unless of course one is a pen-pusher 😉

    But yes, let the fatties eat less. We shouldn’t have to finance self-acquired obesity.

  3. The layabouts are the food of the future. Mmmm soylent burgers. Prescott crispy scratchings.

  4. Don’t give them cash benefits, give them food stamps – only redeemable for celery sticks and lettuce 🙂

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