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Shocking to read the advance of the permanent benefits welfare State.

Almost 3.4 million people have been claiming benefits for more than two years, Government figures have revealed. The number of long-term benefits claimants has risen by more than 250,000 since 1999, the Department for Work and Pensions figures showed. Analysis of the information showed the number of 1824 year olds claiming for more than two years has risen by almost 40% since 1999 to over 200,000. So, that’s almost a quarter of a million of the youngest element of the workforce now claiming to be long term sick.

The worst long-term benefit blackspot is Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, where one in five people have been claiming for more than two years. A total of 3,352,820 people in Great Britain have been claiming handouts such as incapacity benefit, severe disablement allowance, income support and jobseeker’s allowance for more than two years. Other benefits which count toward the long-term total include bereavement benefit, carer’s allowance or disability living allowance. In total there are over 100 Local Authority areas where at least one in ten people have been claiming benefits for two years or more, according to the figures from May 2007. The ten authorities with the highest rates of long-term claims include five in Wales, two in north east England, two in north west England and one in Scotland.

So, in the real socialist heart lands, the scroungers are at their most active, DOING NOTHING but claiming how unable they are to do work.

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One thought on “LONG TERM PARASITES…

  1. This is a deliberate policy of depriving the British working class of its greatest needs – real work and the accompanying working ethic. NuLab’s policy is to use foreign labour to undercut the British workers’ wages below that needed for self-sustainability, and offer instead a life of ‘benefits’. This then allows NuLab to justify importing cheap labour and thus eliminate national border controls.
    The economic results are high expenditure on ‘benefits’ but a reduced tax take from those imported workers (they are, after all, on lower wages).
    Normally, this would result in the government being kicked out and replaced by the Opposition. The problem here is that the ‘opposition’ doesn’t have any different policies from NuLab which brought this dreadful situation about.

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