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In the aftermath of the decapitation of Fusilier Lee Rigby on the streets of London by two Islamists, the instant media response was to look out for instances of …. ISLAMOPHOBIA. Curiously, they found it very quickly, or so it appeared. And then, we discovered that the statistics being bandied about were not quite as they appeared! What to do next……? Ah, a terror attack on a Mosque. Yes, that’s bound to the work of right wing white extremists in the EDL or the like! Er, nope! Turns out that two Ukrainians are allegedly to blame. Sad faces all round for the Islamophiles.

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  1. I read about this last night on BBC news online, but I can’t find the actual article now. However what struck me was that it was described quite clearly as a “terrorist attack”.

    Presumably it was “safe” to say so because the people involved were Ukrainians?
    There was a lot of stuff on the EDL march in Birmingham, oodles of photographs and closeups.
    A lot of the UAF youngsters disguised with IRA type balaclavas, looked Asian.
    Another photo showed a small group of demonstrators standing on some steps with anti EDL placards saying that
    “the EDL are trying to divide our communities!”
    But they were all white, bar one.

  2. Colm,

    Could such an irrelevant ‘stating of the obvious’ comment as your 10.59, also be known as ‘an attempt at a ‘diversion to the left?’.

  3. As I explain in my own blog, it seems reasonable to suspect that the Ukrainians are Muslims, as they were living in an area of Birmingham, which according to Wikipedia has a population consisting of about 80% Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh. I can’t imagine a non-Muslim person coming to live in this country choosing to live in such an area. I suspect that it is a sectarian matter, as in Syria.

  4. English Pensioner,

    ‘ I suspect that it is a sectarian matter, as in Syria’ – or more topically – as in Detroit!

  5. Colm

    So Ukranians can’t be white right wing extremists ?

    Good question. Two Ukrainians being allegedly to blame doesn’t prove David’s “nope”.

  6. “So Ukranians can’t be white right wing extremists ?”

    Of course they can, however why would they be Right Wing?

    The Left often points out how conservative and reactionary Islam is. Sounds like these Ukrainians are a pair of Guardian readers.

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