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This is utter madness; 

The Taliban is prepared to completely disown al-Qaeda, allow the US to retain several military bases in Afghanistan and agree a ceasefire deal to end its 11 year conflict with Nato, a major report released on Monday discloses.

The Taliban are savages and NO deal should be done with them. It doesn’t matter if they disown Al Queda are not. They are barbarians. If we accommodate them in the way outlined we betray every US and UK soldier murdered by them. Let’s get out of Afghanistan now and use drones to obliterate ANY who threaten us.

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11 thoughts on “LOVING THE TALIBAN….

  1. Sounds totally eegit, you mean. How can anyone “use drones to obliterate ANY who threaten us”? It took them about 8 years to find Bin Laden, drones or no drones. This is just a feeble excuse for the pleasure of bombing people. And the coalition forces can’t even destroy the Taleban now with all those men and machines on the ground; if you support a withdrawal from Afghanistan, you are in effect supporting a return of the Taleban to govt in Kabul.

    The Taleban are barbarians, that’s true enough. But there are plenty of barbarians in other governments around the world. You just have to learn to put up with them and contain them.

  2. whats your obsession with drones DV? there useless in large urban areas and without boots on the ground to form intel on targets there just flying toasters.

  3. I wrote ages ago that as soon as the taliban allows US-miltary Inc. to retain the opium crop, then a deal will be done and now the deal is done. And US-military Inc. keeps military bases in Afghanistan? I thought western troops were going to be withdrawn – another lie. (I don’t usually link to The Dail Mail but this report links to a UN report on opium production)


    And surely, if the taliban was complicit in allowing Osama bin Laden to control the 9/11 project (a huge operation) from a cave in eastern Afghanistan, then the taliban is beyond agreement and should be stamped out?

  4. ‘They ‘ are using those drones against ‘them’ now .. how long before ‘they’ are using them on us?


    Hasn’t it always been that way?

    The Taliban are indeed barbarians, it’s just a shame that they weren’t seen that way by the west when their predecessors in the Mujahadeen were being armed to the teeth with state – of – the – art western weapons in their ‘holy war’ against invading Soviet troops or when a blind eye was turned as that same Mujahadeen morphed into the Taliban

  6. The Russians, did not fare too well either.

    In fact they were well and truly routed.

    Afghanistan, the 21st century Vietnam,then again, I don’t suppose the NWO globalists, actually give a shit.

    War = Money .. and that’s all that matters.

    IED Vs Drones, no difference, both ‘operators’ are cowards.

  7. Absolutely they were Harri and then when they left with their tails between their legs those western countries that flooded the country with weapons left Afghanistan to it’s own devices and turned a blind eye as the religious psychpaths that they armed overran the country.

  8. Ah, now what was the political bullcrap mantra, Gordon Brown tried to sell to the British public .. ” To keep the streets of Britain safer ” .. I don’t know what is worse, or far more dangerous, the Taliban, or those usefull idiots, that actually believed him ;-(

    When that TAPI pipeline is safe & sound, then, and only then will those ‘Streets of Britain & America’ be safer.

    And not untill.

    Taking the Global elites point of view for a second, what is the point of building a pipeline from the Caspian sea, through the Sangan region and along the Helmand province, if those ‘Pesky injuns’ are going top blow the dam up every 5 minutes ..

    American and British soldiers .. heroes in some eyes, but expendable cannon fodder in others eyes?

    Blair, Brown, The village idiot Bush ( and Co ) and now Cameron .. Karma will catch up with you, it’s just a matter of time.

    I just sit back and wonder, if the Taliban had Drones, F16’s. Abrahams tanks, and an infinite amount of military hardware ( instead of IED’s. AK47’S, and some pointy sticks ) just what sort of ‘Battle’ that would be?

    Cowards, come in all forms.

  9. We seem to be reading from the same page Harri.

    It infuriates me when people (rightly) condemn the religious psychotics of the Taliban yet ignore their genesis as if they happened all by themselves.

    If the Taliban had Drones, F16′s. Abrahams tanks, and an infinite amount of military hardware ( instead of IED’s. AK47′S, and some pointy sticks ) just what sort of ‘Battle’ that would be?

    Yes they were heroes when they faced Soviet Army tanks with muskets but cowards when using IED’s and Klashnikovs against the best equiped & most sophisticated armies on the planet.

    It is indeed a funny old world.

  10. When that TAPI pipeline is safe & sound, then, and only then will those ‘Streets of Britain & America’ be safer.

    Yes! Gaw, I wish everyone else would scrub blinding patriotism and unnecessary dogma from their eyes. The stark truth of profitable resources always has its quiet, private business snout committed to rooting on these sorts of expensive, self-serving wars.

    The Romney camp recently made noises about being nicer, more respectful towards our ally Pakistan.

    Seriously? More GOP support for an unstable nuclear country who’s been fighting a proxy war with us in Afghanistan via the ISI controlled Taliban for the past ten years?

    Romney deserves to lose if he’s this glaringly naive or so completely co-opted by corporate interests.

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