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British Airports Authority (BAA), the owners of Heathrow Airport, are seeking an injunction preventing birch twig and rifa environmentalists from protesting within 100 metres of the airport or within the same proximity to any tube station along the Piccadilly Line.   Some of these protestors are against a third runway at Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport with almost 70 million passengers annually.  Most appear to be against the concept of mass airline travel per se.  Groups such as Plane Crazy and Camp for Climate Action are very much in evidence here.  Basically these are comprised of frothy coffee dip-sticks who would like nothing better than to see the British people returning to the era of summer holidays in rain-drenched Worthing.  Sorry guys, it ain’t happening.  There is a big wide world out there that people increasingly want to discover and they are not going the return to caravans or dingy B&Bs at Selsey Bill so that you morons can claim you’re doing your bit for the environment.

No wacko cause would be complete without the vocal endorsement of Ken Livingstone.  He wants the courts to rule against the injunction in the interests of peaceful protest.  Sorry, Ken, I’m not buying it.  The presence of protestors close to Heathrow Airport or the tube system would, I feel, actually be a major hindrance to the travelling public.  Also, the Metropolitan and British Transport police divisions have enough on their plate at the moment trying to stymie mass murderers from your favourite ethnic minority community.  They don’t need the added headache of clusters of stentorian ‘Swampys’ inconveniencing the rest of London’s population who desire an escape – albeit a temporary one – from this saturated, overtaxed and overcrowded hell-hole we are pleased to call the United Kingdom of 2007.

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