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Cultural Marxism is the more appropriate term to describe what is routinely called political correctness. It works at so many levels and here is just one more instance…

Pressure is mounting on a theme park to change the name of its controversial ‘Asylum’ maze, which mental health campaigners say enforces stigma of mental illness. More than 5,500 people have signed a petition to Thorpe Park since its Halloween attraction was announced, despite the maze having been a temporary attraction each year for the last eight years. In a statement, when campaigners first took on the issue, a Thorpe Park spokeswoman said the negative comments were not “universally representative” and said no-one had complained.

Well, now 5000 people have complained though it seems most have never been to Thorpe Park. I think they should change the name however and offer three alternatives;

1. Madness Maze.

2. Loonyland

3. Psychopaths



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6 thoughts on “MADNESS….

  1. // a theme park to change the name of its controversial ‘Asylum’ maze//

    I thought you were all against the Maze being turned into a theme park?

  2. Andfaraway, on October 30th, 2013 at 10:36 AM Said:
    or perhaps even ‘UK Land’.

    The lunatics over run that asylum a long time ago.

  3. These people should look up the definition of Asylum, which is a place of refuge or safety and has nothing to do with mental illness. This country is (unfortunately) a place of asylum for many who seek safety. The old lunatic asylums were just one form of asylum for certain people, there were numerous others such as monasteries and the like which provided asylum for others.

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