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The homosexual lifestyle, habits, proclivity for self-publicity, the whole ‘Pride’ thing: I just don’t get it at all. There again, my lifestyle, which has always been that of a totally heterosexual and monogamous man who has morphed into a grandfather who has just celebrated his forty-sixth wedding anniversary, along with three adult kids and three grandsons, probably doesn’t appeal to them either; which is how the world is.

As long as they don’t bother me or mine, as long as their craving for ‘equality’ and ‘acceptance’, and all the other catchphrase slogans used so often by homosexual campaigners doesn’t intrude or impinge upon my family or mine, I am not all that bothered. Camp Cameron may have made homosexual marriage lawful, but it doesn’t make it any more acceptable to the millions who just don’t believe that Steve is the equal of Eve.


But I don’t believe that their homosexual lifestyle can be detected by a medical test, which is what the  Gulf States Governments are proposing to do. I mean, are they gonna’ subject everyone coming through the ‘Arrivals’  door at the airport to a lie-detector test, or check them out for HIV or AIDs infections? Or are they just going to hold three different coloured shirts up and ask which one appeals to the viewer? And if the answer is ‘pink’, …back on the plane!


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3 thoughts on “Major advance in Arabian medical technology!

  1. I work in a Middle Eastern country and as a Westerner I have to have a blood test for HIV every 3 – 4 months for the privilege of working here. You want to see the dirt of the ‘clinic’ and the ‘doctor’ its pretty horrendous.

  2. Maybe they think they just have to show arrivals a picture of a burqa-clad local lady and check if their pulse starts a-beating.

  3. Mike’s favourite topic is… himself! The words ‘prefer’, ‘watch’, ‘paint’, and ‘dry’ suddenly spring to mind!

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