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we forget how good he once was

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8 thoughts on “make it a two shot

  1. Yes, its ok to have less.

    A huge percentage of the music here appears to be just thrown up without any thought. Why the need for so much?

    Why every week? Why so much by Top 40 guys whose songs have already been played to death?

    I assume that all here have radios. There’s lots of music there.

  2. I agree. There’s far too much music here.
    Most of it isn’t even listened to and just pushes some of the post listings below the screen view.
    Let David post his Friday jukebox and the rest of you try to resist drowning us in your music.

  3. That Troll thinks he is a law unto himself, – despite being reminded on several occasions that Friday, and only friday, is music day, – by posting music on any day of the week shows just how little regard he has for the ATW community.

    With the plea for ‘aid contributions’ at the top of the right hand column, I find his utter, and frequent waste of bandwidth somewhat of a contradicion and an abuse of his position as a contributing writer – and yes, I do use the term loosely!

    With the recent display of kindness shown to him and his family, I get the impression that he somehow feels he has been granted a special dispensation to do as he pleases.

    Why does he suppose that when I have litle interest in his topics for debate, that I might have interest in his taste in music?

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