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It is the 1st day of May, as a child I remember seeing the old parades on TV of the Parades in the Soviet Union. It may have been May 9th, but maybe with the combination of time and blending in of other countries celebrating May Day as the end of WWII the actual day may be blurred.

The point is I remember the Tanks and Nuclear Missiles being rolled past the Politburo reviewing stand and whoever was the head commie at the time, you don’t see that today. If they still do it they do not show it in the west anymore.

Not that it is no longer a threat, just ask the people of Ukraine and the rest of the Baltic Bloc right now if they feel threatened. Something has changed though.

The specter of Communism is no longer viewed as a boogieman. It has been adopted in one form or another in almost every nation on Earth. The largest footprint in most countries is “Socialized Medicine”. Everybody has coverage, for most it is subpar and far from the best procedures and medicines available. Of course the Rich and the Politicians don’t have to participate in these systems. They have their own private Healthcare avenues, which the rich can afford cause they have earned that ability by acquiring the wealth to afford it, but the Politicians elite care is payed for by the citizens, never a dime from their own pocket.

They’ve sold this communist scam throughout the world via propaganda and pure bull. While they hide the numbers of death, malpractice, and just plain lousy care the people receive. None of it matters, the schools taught us it was the best, the press does not do it’s job and show it’s failures so it not just continues, but grows.

We were told communism would defeat us without ever firing a shot, and it did. Not in the way they thought or threatened, but a much more insidious way. It has been fed to us and our children through the public schools, academia.

The Communist Revolution took place in Russia, but it’s real philosophical roots and the part of the tree that has grown over all of us is deeply embedded in the United States, as well as all the Western Nations. While the world was sold Marx dream of equal share for every citizen, the true nature of communism has been implanted at the Government level.

That True Nature of Communism is Control.

Our Governments want to control every aspect of our lives. That is real Communism, Government Control. It is called other things, Fascism, Socialism, Progressivism, but it is all the Tyranny of Communism. As it was practiced in the Soviet Union, and is still practiced that way by China.

Other than Medical care, and a few other social programs the actual implementation of the tyrannical aspects of Communism have been very slow to take hold. Since the system does not work society except for a very few select areas has not embraced it, and due to the process of elections our governments have never tried to fully implement it. Until recently…..

The Chinese-Flu gave every government in the world no matter how democratic, how libertarian they were they all got a taste of Tyrannical Control, and they liked it, embraced it, and do not want to let it go. Everywhere around the world you look petty dictators have emerged. People we elected seized powers and took control that they were never given, and never meant to have. A control they do not want to let go of.

The U.S. and all the Nations of the West have never been in this great of risk of both collapse and chaos.

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