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Another facebook-armed twit’s been arrested, this one not for burning one, single poppy but for posting the image on facebook. Yep, it’s our old friend “malicious telecommunications”. Thanks, Tories.

Kent’s heroic constabulary report that a number of eagle-eyed citizens – give them a medal – made complaints yesterday when the terrible vision appeared. The boys in brown blue heroically and immediately swooped to protect society, detaining the dangerous criminal overnight.

Poppies are symbols of our hard-won liberties to live free of the kind of police oppression which can see you locked up for no good reason elsewhere. Learn that lesson well and mind how you go, citizens.

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  1. He should not have been arrested, but if some public spirited local gives him a sock in the jaw, I might look upon it with satisfaction.

  2. I’ll never agree with someone that chooses to burn a flag or a poppy, but I will fight to the death for your right to do so.

  3. I don’t get this.
    A pathetic airhead desperate for “cybercelebrity”, sets fire to a poppy on Farcebook.
    To what end?
    To make what point?
    Does he even HAVE a point??

    To me, common decency and an awareness of the cost of freedom says I should respect those who died and those who seek to show them respect.
    This is the kind of garbage that spills out of a vacuous and trivial lifestyle.
    He shouldn’t have been arrested – police state tactics: his Dad should have given him a good hiding and made him apologise instead.

  4. The problem is Phantom, that here in the UK we are trying to impose codes of conduct by passing laws. Laws are a poor substitute for kindliness and respect and common courtesy.
    We do need laws, but some of the fundamentals of good human interaction are being swept away.
    Rights have replaced Responsibilities.

  5. It’s a fad and I predict (and hope) the police will soon get fed up responding to media lead ‘outrage’ forcing them to become Facebook and twitter nannies.

  6. Take up the pipe , put on those slippers and become the grumpy old man you are clearly turning into, Noel 😉

  7. LOL, Colm. But as St Augustine famously said: “Oh Lord, please make me virtuous, but ..er.. not just yet.”
    Actually, I’m trying to get Daphne to visit us at our respective home places. I need the assistance of your charm.

  8. Noel

    Sod charm. I’ll just put a naked picture of me in the middle of trafalgar square up on the net. That’ll get Daphne over on the first flight from Houston to Heathrow 😉

  9. //I’ll just put a naked picture of me in the middle of trafalgar square up on the net//

    I thought there was already a model of part of you standing in the middle of Trafalgar Square 🙂

    As part of artistic license, the sculptor put a guy at the top who said “Kiss me hard”.

  10. According to the poll on the article, the Mail readers are very confused about this (56% to 44% don’t see a problem).

  11. Colm

    This endless monitoring of speech and sometimes prosecution of rude speech that harms no one in the UK is a solid first step on the road to totalitarianism, to no free speech for anyone.

    It bothers me to say it, but its impossible to reach any other conclusion.

  12. ” Agit8ed, I find I’m agreeing with you more and more lately.
    What should I do?”

    I dunno Son.
    You’ll think of something.

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