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Oh sure, the delegates haven’t been fully gained, there are a lot more primaries left and more time for stupid statements.  But Romney showed that he’ll win the nomination last night with a convincing win in Arizona and a must win in his birthplace of Michigan.  Frown and bear it.

In Michigan where Romney had significant ties he came back against an inexplicable Santorum surge to a 41%to 38% victory.  Paul’s 12% and Newt’s 7% showing demonstrated their appeal – nada.  Arizona went even better for Romney where he got 47% to Santorum’s 27%, while Paul at 8% and Newt at 12% repeated their poor performance.

Next challenge – Super Tuesday where a string of states will be in play.  Romney has the money and momentum to prevail there, even if a few states get picked off by his rivals.  Expect Newt to go down to Georgia (like the devil) and probably take his home state in a face-saving win that will mean nothing.  But hey – he will sell his videos and books which is probably what he wanted to do in the first place.  Paul will tag along to get his 10% in a few places and keep us entertained.

Romney v. Obama, brace yourselves.

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21 thoughts on “Mitt Happens – The Writing On The Wall

  1. I truly hope that the ” Bum of the Month Club ” era in the Republican Party has come to an end. If there are any more Newt Eruptions down south it will ge great news for the Obama Himself.

  2. Phantom your such an ass… bubble boy

    the race is far from over, and three point spread in your home state against santorum, ain’t gonna buy ya braggin rights anywhere.

    So we wait, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Newt, or Newt/Rubio

  3. ROmeny/Rubio – Candidates who both have Mormon ties, about as likely as Romney/Troll.

    Romney/Newt – And Newt brings what to the table – the historian vote?

    Newt/Rubio – LOL.

    It is over, Santorum doesn’t have the money or organization to do more than harass Romney now. Newt doesn’t have money, organization, vote or appeal. Paul stays in with his guaranteed 10% or so to the bitter end.

  4. I withdraw my call for Haley Barbrour as VP.

    When he pardoned a pack of murderers and other bad guys down in Mississippi that killed him permanently as a candidate for higher office.

    Newt? Nicht? Nein. Nay Nay Never. The country hates the fat bigmouth, as do most Republicans.

    For political reasons, candidate Romney needs a solid Republican, probably from the South. Not a Tea Party maniac, someone competent and credible.

  5. believe it or not Newt brings the tea party… now before you go bonkers let me explain.

    The TEA Party is not a rightwing holy roller society, never was. What it always was, and is is a majority of Americans who believe government has gone down the wrong path on spending and in exerting it’s power.

    It needs to be redirected, disassembled in some places, strengthened in others, the force of government needs to be focused on the government itself. The only candidate in the race that can take on both the press and congress and achieve anything worthwhile is Newt.

    The other part is Newt can explain policy better than anyone, you may not like what he says but you’ll understand it. So far he is the only person in the race that has kept the appeal of most Tea Party groups.

    He could very easily be Romney’s Dick Cheyney

  6. Yes Barbour shot himself in both feet with that move.

    I did think Romney need a conservative to balance until I realized that conservatives will vote for him (or anyone) to beat Obama NO MATTER WHO THE VP nominees is. I now think he could use a more middle of the road type to compete for the independents and Reagan Democrats. Christie’s been leading the charge on that front, he might be the guy.

  7. If Newt “brings the Tea Party” he would have better showings than he has had. What he brings is Newt Gingrich, and that is an overall negative, even in Republican circles. And he is the anti-thesis of what the Tea Party claims to be.

  8. christie is a blow hole that would cost him more votes than it would gain him.

    and mahons your wrong

  9. Christie just became governor five minutes ago. His work in NJ is far from finished.

    You can’t have two from the Northeast either.

    We know who the presidential nominee will be, but the VP slot is a complete mystery.

    Romney had better not pull a ” Sarah Palin ” out of obscurity either. We’re still recovering from that one.

  10. Troll – I might be wrong, the law of averages would suggest that I couldn’t continue to be this correct in my political forecasts for this long a period of time.

  11. as for the tea party vote, there hasn’t been any in these primaries, or haven’t you watched the numbers?

    The only people going to the polls right now are the factions. The tea party hasn’t made it’s present felt, and won’t.

    Where you’ll see the tea party vote is in the November elections. and it is driven entirely by the price of gas. 2010 was an historic landslide for the republican party. Why ? The Tea Party. Who’s fault? Obama

    The same thing happens this november… people are pissed and you’d never know it watching the news but they blame the length of recession/depression on Obama

    This election is going to be a blowout

  12. The Tea Party fell in love with every escaped horse from the glue factory that the Bum of the Month Club threw out there.

    Now that Mitt is clearly the candidate, they need to grow up and start getting focused.

  13. It’s funny how both left wing Democrats and Right wing Conservatives will be dissapointed by this result.

  14. “It’s a brave person who’d speak up for Israel on a British campus.”

    Bullshit, that would get you a few boos. She lost a peerage because she refused to apologise for her remarks. If the subject were anything else, you’d all have had her canonized the Patron Saint of Free Speech by now.

  15. will see come november, oh and count the delegates…. Santorum and Romney tied 15 delegates each

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