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Wonder what you make of the teaching assistant Nicola Cooper who provides her children with cannabis? This week, she was ordered by a judge to do 200 hours’ community work after police found £200 worth of cannabis resin in her Suffolk home, where she was supplying it to her teenage son and daughter so they wouldn’t have to visit street dealers.

Smoking cannabis more than doubles the risk of psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia. Immense damage can be done to the growing brains of children when they smoke the high strength cannabis available today. In their defence, Nicola Cooper and her husband called themselves ‘liberal parents’. Cooper, who is 43, said she herself had used cannabis ‘on and off’ since she was 18 and she probably not only supplied her children with the drug but also smoked it with them.

So, she supplies her kids with cannabis, even smokes it with them, and her only defence is that she and her husband are "liberals"? Insanity might have made a more plausible defence!

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  1. It’s not all bad. The wierdoes are at least citing liberalism in mitigation for their child abuse.

  2. Amazing idea of what parenting should be – its like giving your underage daughter condoms and packing her off upstairs with her boyfriend because ‘I know she’ll just go and do it anyway’. The thought of attempting to stop her children from actually indulging in such self-destructive behaviour in the first place obviously didn’t occur to the moron.

    And as a TA she ought to be sacked on the spot.

  3. And she is a ‘teaching assistant’? – it seems – you just can’t get good staff these days!

    At 43 she is just another example of the benefits of comprehensive education.

  4. NOw Now lets not moralise!! Lets not pick over the life of this good woman who was giving her children canabis for their own good. After all at least she could control it. Right?

    How dare we moralise and say she is wrong! Why! If the mother says its ok, then its ok. Right?

    More power to parents, who can give cannabis and remove healthy wombs.

  5. More power to the curtain twitchers who decide THEY know whats best for a woman battling to help a sick child. But – hey – you make the comparison with this case in your mind eh? Its like comparing Alison with an alcoholic who lets her underage kids drink, you daft old bint

  6. As an employer many a wasted life I have seen due to pot

    They are aimless and stupid if they werent before they certainly are after. Anyone who calls this or any drug harmless are only fooling themselves

    She should have been banged up for supplying the kids even if they are her own.

  7. Cllr Ayling…

    If you don’t know the difference, I suggest you resign before you do too much damage to youself or to others…

  8. Gavin! Welcome to ATW. Any comments on why we should still vote Tory even though you yourself disagree with virtually everything your Party Leader says would be gratefully appreciated, they have always amused me before.

    And you cant tell the difference between the odd glass of wine for a teenager and beiing your kid’s cannabis dealer either. What a perfect Cameronite you are.

    Oh, and having just read your Blog – calling genuine racists who actually think Black people etc are inferior to whites ‘Old Tories’? – despicable but sadly quite believable.

  9. Children – unless you clean up your rooms there will be no pot for dessert tonight!

    I don’t think sharing weed with one’s children is really a position that liberal advocate. Kinda crazy.

  10. The really strange thing with the current climate in the UK is that she hasn’t been charged with child abuse.
    After all, that’s what it appears to be. Or is the parent no longer responsible for the well being of their child.andn that does not mean assisting in their drug taking habits.

  11. True David, but if they said they were from Mars that doesn’t make them Martians, just crazy.

  12. David: In light of that comment I can only conclude that conservative parents keep their cannabis for themselves.

    P.S. May I point out that rightwingers coming from Venus, the female planet, explains a lot about the recent rightwing scandals here in the U.S. I always wondered why Rudy would wear a dress so easily.

  13. David,
    I am not sure these parents understand the word liberal.( Not as I understand it anyway). Also agree with the person who asked if this is any worse than giving the children alcohol. Though I am in favour of neither, for my own family.

  14. Pinky, I’m trying to get a location on you. You say "we" along with the British, "we" alone with the Northern Ireish and now you’re saying "we" (on the Empire State thread) along with the Americans!!

    Are you, like God, here, there and everywhere at once?

    This attitude of indulging kids is indeed, it must be said, a liberal vice. I know one, very "liberal", couple, who let junior have his own marihuana patch out in the garden ("It’ll let him develop a relationship to nature"). He was subsequently expelled from two schools for selling dope to classmates, has never had a job for more than a week and in the end went totally off the rails and has since disappeared in Australia.

    Many right-wingers of course also let their children run wild, but that is usually not out of principle but because they are too drunk or stoned themselves to know, see or care.

  15. ‘Well done Mahons and Alan. I see no harm at all in lighting the building for end of Ramadan(?). ‘

    Noel, the above is the only comment I made on the thread you referenced.

  16. Aaargh…. you see, just what I had warned about!!

    You quoted "I agree with Alan that at our core we welcome everyone, regardless of creed, …" without <<>> and I thought it was your own view.

    Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I like smoking the weed and have done since I was 15 (that’s over 25 years). I much prefer it to alcohol as the effects are much, much nicer and makes the jazz sound great. Some say it is a springboard for harder drugs but I’ve never taken anything other than cannabis and have never been tempted by harder stuff. I’d call this drug harmless and I don’t think I am fooling myself – I have a great job in space research with good prospects. For me cannabis is not a problem but a good way to unwind and for problem solving (unlikely as that sounds). Personally I think that there is a lot of scaremongering going on because that is a much lazier (and therefore easier) way with "dealing" with the "problem" (so called) – i.e. insane, feral kids must have got that way because of the drug not because there are harder social issues involved here. Responsible, intelligent (if I may be so bold) people use drugs such as alcohol and cannabis in a responsible way. To the shit in the gutter it becomes a problem. My 2 cents, so there.


  18. Fatty,

    Your – eminently – sane post reminds me of a comment by the late Lenny Bruce (the Bill Hicks de leur jours) to the effect that describing weed as a ‘gateway drug’ to scag, etc. is equivalent to saying the maiden aunt who enjoys bingo after mass on a Sunday will, as night follows day, end up peddling her ass on Skid Row Las Vegas in order to pay back the loansharks…

  19. Liberalism is insanity….

    Pinky do please tell us your definition of Liberalism, I could use a good laugh

  20. Living in Los Angeles, and having a teenage child I think I know something about liberals and some of their child raising philosophies.

    I have been called a "fascist" because I had the nerve to disagree with a mother who fills her house with underage teens, beer kegs, and the odd toke, or 2, off a marijuana joint rationalizing that this as a means of keeping a watchful eye on her children because they’re not in the "street." (She has 2 college degrees,BTW)

    At high school, there is a condom jar – no questions asked – just take one! The big controversy is whether or not the condom jar should have little candies mixed in so kids would not be embarrassed if someone saw them reaching into the jar.

    So liberals don’t get off the hook here. Liberals – many with whom I eat and socialize a – are clueless idiots when it comes to raising children, national politics and common sense.

  21. Patty, I would be considered ‘a liberal’ and I am outraged by the parenting skills that you discussed. Not for me at all.
    Troll I think you are mistaking a liberal use of the word liberal ( as is the case in most of these posts) and political liberalism.

  22. Patty: "Liberals, many of whom I eat" – wow you are even more hard core rightwing than Troll. He just shoots them.

  23. Mahons: LOL. Yes, my typing, thinking and natural calmness all seem to take leave of me when I think of the fact that I actually have to protect myself against wealthy intellectual liberals who seem perfectly nice, but who have the common sense of gnats and the parenting skills of absentee landlords.

  24. "Pinky do please tell us your definition of Liberalism, I could use a good laugh"

    Me, too, Pinky!

  25. You don’t know what Political Liberalism is Troll and Patty?

    So why are you here discussing it?

  26. Patty,

    The situation in the schools that you describe was unbelieveable. I could hardly take it in! These are difficult times to be raising children in.

  27. Mahons,

    You’ve got to know by now the (exculpatory) mantra de nos jours, ‘Don’t do as I DO; do as I SAY…’

    Having said that, though, Lenny was far less of a hypocrite than the sty-full we have at the moment…

  28. The sad fact that people that should never have children are usually the ones that never have a problem breeding is one of gods twisted little jokes on humanity.

    Come on Pinky explain liberalism whether in the context of this story or in the pure political. I am sure it will be amusing no mater what context you decide to approach it from.

    And Monica can carry her own gun case I just keep her reloaded….

  29. …and Monica jest sits ‘a dere, clay-pipe between her two good teeth, a’nursing her gun ‘n her grievances…

    Time t’ time sh’ll spurt a drop inta d’eye ‘f some local Arab happen t’be wandering by…

    But, he…ey, shee-yit, dat’s citizenship!

  30. You’re not worthy Colm, she’ld kick your everloving ass in two shakes.

    I’ve seen troll’s vlog – he’s very manly, I’m sure Monica garden is well watered.

  31. Daphne

    There’s no need to bring Bush into this.

    But I’m sure Troll certainly has the right hose !

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