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Well then, it looks like the Muslim Brotherhood’s power grab in Egypt is coming unstuck! Hosni Mubarak must be cackling with glee;

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has rejected the army’s 48-hour ultimatum to resolve the country’s deadly crisis, saying it will only sow confusion. President Morsi insists he will continue with his own plans for national reconciliation, a presidential statement said early on Tuesday. The army has warned it will intervene if the government and its opponents fail to heed “the will of the people”. However, it denies that the ultimatum amounts to a coup.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s state news agency Mena reported early on Tuesday that Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr had submitted his resignation. If accepted, he would join at least five other ministers who have already reportedly resigned over the political crisis. On Sunday, millions rallied nationwide, urging the president to step down.

There is an existential crisis by the banks of the Nile. The plans to turn Egypt into Iran by the Nile – so central to the MB agenda  – have caused many Egyptians great concern and this had led in turn to these protests that are bringing the country to a halt. The Egyptian economy is in meltdown with tourism plummeting understandably.

Morsi is history, he will stand down very shortly. The bigger question is what happens next? I don’t see the military overly seizing power but they will want to assert some form of stability. In a sense, and this is the irony, they want to get back to some sort of semi- Mubarak solution – yet the Islamists reject this! Where will it all end?

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7 thoughts on “MUBARAKS REVENGE!

  1. Even the devout need to eat. Without employment there is no money to buy food. Egypt’s economy is tanking and foreign investment is drying up. This will be the story right across the Islamic world where the Arab Spring has brought forth more extreme islamic governments.
    My father always told me that Egypt was probably the most secular of Islamic States, and it appears many Egyptians do not want to become more devout Muslims. Egypt I fear is going to go through another convulsion of social and economic unrest. Either they return to a “secular” dictatorship a la Mubarak with American food aid to pacify the people; or they find an Egyptian president who can inject life into their economy and give them hope.

  2. Egypt should be an economic engine for the region, instead of the basket case that they are. If it wasn’t for luck ( inheriting the pyramids and the Suez Canal that Egyptians did not build ) they’d have no economy at all.

    I’ve lost respect for Egyptians after hearing of the many incidents of harassment and rape at Tehrir Square. These are not one offs.

    They’re not ready for the 20th Century. They’re not ready for the 17th Century.

    F*** ’em.

  3. I want to know where the public statements of support are from my President for this revolt. He did everything he could to help the Muslim Brotherhood because it was the will of the people. Well what makes these events NOT the will of the people?

  4. A developing story that will have to play out. The problem with Mubarak of course was what might come after him might not be better for that country. No one was going to come in right away and make Egypt a wonderful place to live given its longstanding problems. A little more reality would have dimmed unrealistic expectations. And more reaching out to the various opposition groups would have been a smart play.

  5. Mahons
    The wife and I were talking about it this morning whilst digging over the back garden.
    I said that the problem is that Islam can never deliver democracy because the Western world is still strongly influenced by the value of and the freedom of, the individual.
    Whereas the heart of Islam is that Submission to the Will of Allah and His laws is the whole duty of man.
    That is why (Arab)Islamic nations almost always have a strongman or a strong military to ensure that order is kept. There is no real place for philosophy or debate or difference because God’s will is all.
    So in order to avoid chaos, order must be imposed by a strong leader.

  6. Slightly ot but on the same theme.
    Here is a clip from the Kuwaiti Minister of Trade in which he justifies having trade relations with Israel..

    “Hammad Al-Dosari: The shari’a permits us to have dealings with the Israelites. We follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who died while his shield was mortgaged with a Jew.

    Interviewer: Some people have criticized you for saying this.

    Hammad Al-Dosari: Because they are ignorant about the sharia. I tell you that the Prophet Muhammad had dealings [with the Jews]. You criticize me?! Go criticize the Prophet Muhammad. A Muslim does not talk. He obeys the instructions of the Prophet Muhammad.

    Turkish Unrest Blamed on Jews and Media

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