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I didn’t do a Music Post this weekend and there is a lot going on in the Headlines.  I can not however miss taking note of this man turning 73….  I won’t do more than one because I could fill the page with this artists list of hits.

This song is not his best, but it’s just one of his I like. Please share in comments the songs of his that mean something to you.

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9 thoughts on “Music

  1. Fire Lake has always been very special. It has all the laid-back movement, the nonchalance mixed with passion that make American music so great.

    I used to hear it when I was a lad and now my kids love it.

  2. I like Bob Seger very much. He was part of the soundtrack of my life when I was in the military overseas.

    A few years ago, I saw Seger At the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and it was such a big thing for me. He had good banter with the crowd. He said that he had walked across the Brooklyn Bridge earlier that day and that it was fine for him

  3. I must concur Seger music has provided the background for many poignant moments of my life.

    Especially Hollywood Nights being a hit when I was living in Southern California. I can tie many moments in my past to his tunes.

  4. Fire Lake and Against the Wind had a maturity and melancholy that stuck with me.

  5. I always liked Like A Rock, a song that he wrote.

    Screwing around the web, I learned that Seger is friends with Eminem! Both of course are Michigan natives.

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