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Well worth a view if you can see it…

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  1. She’s hysterical and ignorant. Islam is bad, but it deserves better adversaries than this fool.

  2. Islam is bad

    What? You actually think there is a discrete entity called ‘Islam’?

  3. Noel Cunningham, on July 29th, 2013 at 12:03 AM Said:
    She’s hysterical and ignorant. Islam is bad, but it deserves better adversaries than this fool.

    We’re all somewhat ignorant about systems we are not entirely familiar with, but it would be helpful to me if you’d point out the inaccuracies in what she says?


  4. LOL. Iran now responsible for 9/11.

    Dear oh dear.

    Zwahiri makes more sense. Drone attacks (terrorism) are likely “awakening” more terrorists than they destroy.

  5. //would be helpful to me if you’d point out the inaccuracies in what she says?//

    Steve, she gets into a tizzy about people comparing Israel’s treatment of Gaza with the Holocaust and then goes on to compare a few swastikas on headstones to “Kristalnacht of 1936” (it happened in 1938) – when around 100 Jews were killed, several thousands interned and about 10,000 homes, places of business and worship destroyed.

    She says schools in the UK are prevented from teaching the Holocaust. That isn’t true. There was a false rumour to that effect a while back, but that has been completely debunked, including by the Education secretary. She will be aware of this, but continued to peddle the lie. She also complains about Muslims being allowed lie for political effect, mind you.

    She suggests that Copts are more native to Egypt than Muslims. That isn’t true either.

    She says that Islam is intrinsically evil because of some bloody passages in its scriptures. The same can equally be said about other religious obviously more to her liking – same goes for her claim that plunder and pillage have divine approval, or that Islam thinks people of other religions are inferior.

    She says the Arab Spring was driven by Islamic fundamentalism, even Jihad. It wasn’t.

    She claims that Obama gave the green light to Al Quaeda to take over Egypt etc. More rubbish, as is the contention that Al Quaeda is stronger today than it was on 9-11.

    She says that Muhammad and his tribes “wiped out every last Jew in the Arabian peninsula”. That is just wallowing in masochism. Jews continued to live and prosper in that region and, like almost everywhere else in the Arab world, made a great contribution to Arab culture.

    Then there’s that bit about the Nazi Yellow Star being traced back to Islam. Actually it started in early medieval Europe, when it identified – sorry Clare – both Jews and Muslims.

  6. Noel – You do understand that facts and real history will not matter to those championing Ms. Lopez’s video?

  7. I admit that her admiration for that “genius in mathematics” and scientist who counted the offensive passages in the Koran is more funny than wrong, as is that piece of writing on a wall being testimony to anti-semitism in Europe.

    I skipped the bits about the US constitution and Islamic theology, as I’m by now thoroughly bored by both, but assume she is as wrong about these as she is about most things.

    One thing her rant did explain at least is how the CIA is in such a mess when it has to rely on advisors like her.

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