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livingstone_qaradawi1.jpgI note that Ken Livingstone – the repugnant pro-Jihad Mayor of London has been winning the backing of "prominent Muslim organisations and individuals" – or so the Guardian would have us believe, for the forthcoming Mayoral election.

Phil Taylor has a most insightful post here on the precise nature of the wackos and extremists that are backing Red Ken fascinating to see the links with the Muslim Brotherhood and Mosques harboring extremist literature.

Ken Livingstone’s presence as Mayor is a blight on London. I really DO hope that the conservative opponent – Boris Johnson – does beat him. Boris may act the fool but Ken is something much more deadly, corrosive, degenerate.

Hat-tip to Ross at Unenlightened Commentary!

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20 thoughts on “MUSLIMS LOVE KEN!

  1. Boris Johnson acts the fool for one reason only…he is a fool! A bumbling Old Etonian without a grip on reality, clueless about how real Londoners live. He is a caricature of conservative priveledge, a reincarnation of Harry Enfields Tory Boy.

    Suffice to say he won’t come close!

    I live in London, believe me, Ken is held in VERY high esteem. (and he’s an Irish Republican)

  2. David,

    Alas, Daithio is probably correct. My London friends report that Ken is everyone’s darling. Could be because he has the common touch—while Boris, well…….

  3. Daithio, Dawkins –

    You’ll be right, if your only friends are immigrant lesbians (probably a sizeable constituency in London nowadays, granted.) Even my liberal chums are wise to the old terrorist-loving commie. As for my black mates, you couldn’t pay’em to vote for him. If Boris can’t knock him off his perch he needs to give it up.

  4. Thanks for the hat tip David.

    The polls suggest that Boris Johnson can win as he and Livingstone are essentially neck and neck, and this is before voters have had a chance to see Boris Johnson’s serious side.

  5. Pete,

    You’re allowing your homophobic, xenophobic self to show again. Not to worry.

    And no, my London friends cover a very broad spectrum—even chaps like you, would you believe :0)

    Ken Livingstone a commie?! That’s too ludicrous to take seriously. Do you know how much the guy earns?

  6. As for my black mates, you couldn’t pay’em to vote for him.

    Really? They must have missed the fact that Boris has managed to offend practically every racial minority in Britain in the past few years, including the scousers. Your black mates may not be too keen on Ken, but they won’t vote for Boris either.

  7. I think that Boris Johnson’s "piccaninnies" remark was actually lampooning NuLab but it was at a level above the intelligence of those being lampooned, hence the RACIST!!! shouts etc.

  8. Ken Livingstone is an opportunistic hypocrite who will say what almost any minority group wants to hear however contradictory. I don;t have any faith in Boris Johnson being any good, but Ken does not deserve to win again.

  9. Dawkins –

    I never allow my homophobic, xenophobic self to show. It just barges in and takes over all by itself.

    And if you don’t think Red Ken Livingstone is a commie, you know nothing of him.

  10. Pete,

    In point of fact I know him personally, and I assure you a commie he ain’t. Colm is on the money.

  11. I’m always on the money 🙂

    Ken’s too smarmy and too much of an opportunist ducker and diver to be a Commie. Although we must remember Pete tends to throw the word Commie around with gay abandon – and no that wasn’t a slur on his hetero credentials 🙂

  12. ‘Ken is held in VERY high esteem’

    Hahhahahahahahaaa. Ha.

    Which part of London do you live in. The part where they write Ken is a c*** on the top of buses?

  13. Colm,

    "an opportunist ducker"

    And there I was in my convent-school innocence thinking I was au fait with all the Cockney slang :0)

  14. I am suprised that Brian is not showing better in the polls. I expected him to trail the other too but not so far behind them as he is at the moment.

  15. Dawkins –

    Next time you’re having a chat with Red Ken Livingstone, ask him of his days when he allied himself with the Marxist groupings, such as Socialist Organiser.

    Yes, he’s toned down the feminist/minorities rhetoric since the 1980s, but that agenda is no longer avant-garde. He no longer declares the police fascist, but then he’s in office now and they protect him.

    The plain fact is, he’s a socialist-marxist and always has been. Yes, he’s a ducker and diver, as Colm says, but all successful politicians and dictators are duckers and divers.

    Stalin, Mao, Castro – no-one dodges a dibble like this bunch.

  16. She was born here too Daithio. I’ve yet to meet a Londonder who holds Ken in HIGH esteem. Other than the sort that winds up on a bus roof.

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