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You can picture the scene, it’s been done many times: Cameron or Hague over here, Obama or H. Clinton over there step up to the mic to tell us why Afghanistan is necessary, that we are there to build up the country, to ensure long-term security by training and equipping Afghans to take responsibility for their own country.

It’s a fairy tale.

Journalist Ben Anderson has been embedded with a US Marine unit attempting to do exactly that in Helmand and has made a film about it: “This Is What Winning Looks Like”. (Many thanks to ATW regular Daphne for bringing it to my attention.) I urge anyone with an interest in Afghanistan to watch it. It became obvious a long time ago that it was a lost cause, and that it would descend into chaos the moment we left. Well the chaos never left.

He filmed in and around Afghan police bases in Helmand. Except they’re little more than local criminal enteprises, where young boys are raped by the police every night, corruption is so rampant that Kabul will not supply materials and most of the police are out of their minds on drugs. All this in full view of the Marines. When senior American and British diplomats visit from Kabul we see that they’re told a pack of lies, lies which get fed up the chain and come out into microphones when politicians tell us what wonderful work our forces are doing there.

The truth is our forces are completely irrelevent to Afghanistan. You have to see it to believe it. If you cannot view now, bookmark it for later. Below the fold (because of the language) is a screengrab with subtitles of a police commander’s reply to the Marines senior officer when told that his men must stop raping young boys. It’s that bad.


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  1. It or a large part of it was on British tv a month or so ago Pete. I doubt you would have watched it, not having a tv licence and all.. 😉
    Anyway, no argument from me that we shouldn’t be there, nor in Iraq or Liberia or Syria.
    Not our business. Humanitarian aid only.
    However these decisions were made by political leaders, we don’t really know why. I feel sorry for any serviceman or woman who has had to serve in places like Afghanistan because they see face to face the corruption and barbarity of some Afghanis who hate women and hate education.

  2. However these decisions were made by political leaders, we don’t really know why.

    We do know why – but the great majority cannot face the consequences of believing it:

    The world is unused to good news coming from Afghanistan, known these days as a womb for global jihad and an unsafe preservation site for Buddhist statues.

    But American narcotics officials who visited the country confirmed earlier United Nations reports that the Taliban had, in one growing season, managed a rare triumph in the long and losing war on drugs. And they did it without the usual multimillion-dollar aid packages that finance police raids, aerial surveillance and crop subsidies for farmers.

    Meanwhile, ‘our boys’ are out in Afghanistan protecting something more valuable to our treasonous government than our country, as the opium crop reaches record levels and heroin is found in every town and city of the UK destroying the souls of those who use it.

  3. Is Prez Khazi shocked that his police and military is largely composed of drug users? Or is his only complaint that they might be obtaining the narcotics from dealers other than the largest one in the country..his own brother.

    Since its pretty common knowledge that the Khazi family wealth is primarily from the production and retail of Narcotics, why is the Prez still getting truckloads of western taxpayers cash via the CIA? It’s a puzzle.

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