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This is quite unbelievable stuff. Just consider;

Almost nine in 10 teenagers sat qualifications in subjects such as call centre skills, cake decorating, health and safety and hazard control last year instead of conventional GCSEs, it emerged.

As Ian Dury once sang “What a waste”. Education has been dumbed down to such a point that our children are now studying the most worthless subjects imaginable whilst avoiding the really important subjects. They may be able to explain the key features to health and safety control but cannot do simple Maths, write in plain English, or communicate in the most important ways.  This con is perpetuated by the radical egalitarians that hold the most senior positions in Education. These are the “child centred” goons who have done so much to deny kids a decent education in pursuance of their lunatic socialist engineering.  The sooner we find a way to totally disconnect Education from the State the better. It is akin to a cancer, endlessly corrupting, dumbing down.

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  1. The Establishment needs a dumbed-down, ignorant population and it’s getting what it wants. Were it not so, a majority of people would understand this and do something about it:


    Of course, I should point out that the situation brought about by the Establishment reigns here.

  2. There are many to blame for this.

    Including students who don’t care to study, and parents who don’t make them study.

    It is an immense copout to blame ” the establishment ”

    I bet if you drilled down to the results from some of the kids from Chinese and Hindu backgrounds, that they aren’t taking exams in basket weaving, etc.

    Culture counts ( here, too ). If the parents revere education, the kids will too.

  3. We are rapidly moving to a position where many state schools do little other than crowd control, and any education that the children get is provided by (i) a future employer (if they have one) or (ii) a university (if their paper qualifications get them there).

    i. Companies pay taxes for the state to provide basic functions, including education. If employers have to provide lessons in basic literacy and numeracy, why should those companies continue to pay tax?

    ii. The first year (or more) of university tuition is often remedial classes, so what used to be taught in schools (free) now has to be paid for by the students.

    I am amazed that there has been so little criticism of this, and such supine acceptance of the dereliction of duty by teachers.

  4. So what happens when parents get sick of how useless the state is and wish to educate their children at home? I am confident that many/most parents older than 40 are better educated than the teacher to whose expertise children are handed over.

  5. I dunno about the UK but I just don’t see that in the US.

    There are horrible teachers but I think that there are many very good ones too.

    If you have children who come out of dysfunctional families, some with little history of education or work – and there are many who fit that description – it is very hard for the teacher to help the child overcome all of that. And not all children do want to be educated, and not all parents want them to be either.

    This isn’t only a teaching problem – its a social problem. And the social problems, esp of the ” underclass ” in our respective countries aren’t all the problems of bad teachers, and they didn’t start yesterday either.

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