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22 thoughts on “My favorite Beatle

  1. OK Troll, if you are going to be the Ringo of ATW, which of the regulars would you view as the John, Paul or George ?

  2. Interviwer : Do you think that Ringo Starr is the best drummer in the world?

    John Lennon : Ringo Starr’s not even the best drummer in The Beatles.

    If Ringo’s your favourite then I imagine that this is your least favourite:


    Music plays a massive part in my life and one thing about ATW that I find fascinating is that obvious right wingers, (Troll with the Beatles, Pete Moore with The Jam, David with The Clash etc), have obviously listened to music with a very blatant left wing slant in their formative years yet it’s never influenced their politics.

  3. How were the Beatles ( as a group ) or their music lefft wing?

    Among their few songs that were political I can think of

    ” Tax Man ” which openly mocked British hypertaxation and

    ” Revolution ” which called out the mass murderer Chairman Mao

    They may have sang some lefty songs but I cannot think of one right now

    They didnt sing about Vietnam or the racial situation in America as some others did

  4. You’re surely not suggesting that the Beatles were right – wing Phantom?

    Still smarting eh Troll?

  5. I dont think that they were terribly political at all.

    Opposing tax rates of 90 pct or Chairman Mao are so sensible that any sensible person would agree with it, regardless of where you stand on most things

  6. Paul McMahon –

    I’ve never been big on lyrics. Yes, I appreciate well crafted lyrics, but I place less emphasis on them than most.

    Being mainly a blues/rock/metal man, it’s the riff which grabs me. For example I love Black Sabbath, but with Tony Iommi cranking out those mighty riffs on his Gibson SG I never gave a monkey’s what Ozzy Osborne was singing about.

  7. Alright Phantom I’ll concede and modify my comment to John Lennon.

    I think Ozzy’s memories of Sabbath are quite hazy.

  8. Politics broke them up, it was that little commie John hooked up with that destroyed them

  9. “Music plays a massive part in my life and one thing about ATW that I find fascinating is that obvious right wingers

    I’m always surprised that there are so many convatives among rock musicians.

  10. why is that Noel?

    Musicians that are successful make a lot of money, and usually come from poor backgrounds. Do you think their happy that the governments want to steal their money after they’ve finally became rich?

    No hypocrites like Bono and Springsteen are the exception, they tax shelter their money but still want to take yours.

  11. Ringo certainly had his charms, and he is underrated as a drummer, most drummers cite him as an influence. While his Beatles efforts at taking lead singing were charming (Yellow Sub, With a Little Help) I really enjoyed some of his post Beatles career. Photograph, You’re Sixteen and especially It Don’t Come Easy. He also seems to be a likeable guy after all the mayhem.

    (Phantom – the thing about the Beatles is that the counter-culture became the culture. You don’t realize how progressive they were because they pushed the center line way over).

  12. you know when Moon died the who wanted him to take his place, He said he couldn’t do it. He had to many memories of partying with him to ever play his role

  13. mahons 929

    I quite agree They were beyond influential, and I think that they stand up so well over time.

    My only point is that they weren’t overtly political for the most part. They were far beyond that.

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