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I do a lot of work in the field of Recovery. People have funny concepts about Alcohol and Drug Addiction. When you reach the rooms of AA/NA you have reached a point of despair that has caused others to convince you that you have a problem. If you are lucky you have hit your bottom and you will hear the message and start on your path.

Alcohol and Drugs are not their problem, but a symptom of whatever their problem really is. Even if they never get a grip on the  Alcohol and Drugs let alone the underlying condition what they do get is a gift that most never receive. A program that will help anyone addict or non-addict deal with Life, the daily trials and tribulations of just existing.

One of the tools in the program are tapes of wisdom that are passed from one to another. In that vain I give you this gift Bob E. “Headtrip” a discussion of the mind that has benefit for every human being.

It is an hour long, it’s a bad recording. Yet if you listen you will find a gift each of you, for yourself, and no one else.

I hope you take this gift from my heart.

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