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Saudi Arabia really is a ridiculous regime.

“It’s not because the store couldn’t keep up with demand. It is because fear of the religious police forced the store’s owner to strip the shelves of all red items, including the hottest-selling item: heart-festooned red plastic handcuffs inscribed, “Take me, I’m yours.”Just days before Valentine’s Day, a young Saudi woman desperately searched for a red teddy bear to buy for her boyfriend. But all Nof Faisal could find were blue and white ones, minus the “I love you” she wanted hers to declare. 

As Feb. 14 approaches, the police begin inspecting gift shops for items that are red or are intended as gifts to mark the holiday—a celebration of St. Valentine, a 3rd century Christian martyr—which is banned in Saudi Arabia. Such items are legal at other times of the year, but as Valentine’s Day nears they become contraband.

At best, shops caught selling Valentine’s gifts are ordered to get rid of them. Some salesmen have been detained for days.

The Valentine’s Day prohibition is in line with the ascetic Wahhabi school of Islam that the kingdom follows. Marking Christian holidays is banned in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and a country where non-Muslims are banned from openly practicing their religion.”

Let us be clear about this. Islam and intolerance go together like, well,  love and marriage. Wahhabi is a particularly toxic strain of Islam and the vast wealth of the Saudis propagate this malignancy across the world. When “religious police” even ban the infidel Saint Valentine lest it offend the pure minds of the same Wahhabis that embrace Jihad, you know you are dealing with a corrupt regime.

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8 thoughts on “MY SUNNI VALENTINE…

  1. Valentine’s was also an ancient Persian tradition linked into the same date on the arab calendar and corresponding to our own. There is a thriving black market in SA for red roses and wrapping paper. And in Iran, even though it is illegal, it is the second most highly celebrated festive date of the year. People there more so openly flout the rules than they do in SA and shop like crazy for westernised Valentines traditions.

  2. Alison:

    "People there more so openly flout the rules than they do in SA and shop like crazy for westernised Valentines traditions."

    You mean they do the same tat we do? We’ll civilise them yet.

  3. W@hh@bism is not ascetic. W@hh@bists are not ascetics. Referencing ascetic philosophy in reference to the minimal enjoyments permitted to the fanatic specious in the extreme.

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