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17 thoughts on “Natural Immunity vs The Shot

  1. notice also youtube censures this view of the vaccines…. only the government view is allowed…..

    1. There is no absolute right to free speech.

      Saying what a great bunch of guys the Nazis were or denying the Holocaust are crimes in some countries. Spreading damaging, bat shit crazy theories about vaccines should be another. The same people that’d consider injecting bleach.

  2. That’s where you are wrong smcgiff you are by right of being a living thinking creature with a natural gift of communication whether you believe that to be a design of god or an element of evolution freedom of speech comes with being human.

    A Person can say or believe whatever they want… you can laugh at them you can curse at them you can believe them you can follow them or you can ignore them…. what you can’t do is prevent them from speaking what they beleve no matter how you feel about. Everyone is gifted with free will to believe as they choose talking about it goes with it.

    I may not agree with what you have to say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it….. that’s what being American means and there’s a large group right now that would like to change it…. bet against them they’re gonna lose, bank on it.

  3. “I may not agree with what you have to say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it….. that’s what being American means”

    That’s a meaningless saying fit for a keyboard warrior. All the more false when you’ve banned people from this website… for whatever reason.

    Besides would you fight and lay down your life for ISIS to be allowed post up a video in Times Square of one of their fighters laughing at images of the 9/11 terrorist attack saying how America got what they deserved on the 20th anniversary?

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say, no. HELL NO!

  4. wrong on all counts… the people who were banned from here were done so for personal attacks, not for their political views and you know that.

    and you’re wrong smcgiff, even al Qaeda has a right to free speech and if they can make that video I’d even bet that Bill DiBlasio would run it in Times square for free as a public service.
    Free Speech every point of view has the right to be spoken even if it’s that every American, every Christian, every Gay letter of the month must all die…. a person has the right by being alive to say what they believe in their heart… now calling for murder, and inciting violence are illegal in most places and it’s a good rule.
    But other than trying to actively incite violence EVERYONE has the right to say whatever they want for or against any topic or person .
    If a person believes hitler was right why shouldn’t they be allowed to say it? They should be, if people feel comfortable saying stupid things like pro-nazi crap and then 6 months later a synagog gets burned down the street his house or in his neighborhood or someone that follows what they say is come across in the investigation. etc etc etc

    People causually speaking their mind and feeling free to dso so about any and all topics gives a trail for the investigators. I want to know who the holocost deniers are… cause they are the ones that will be easiest to lead down the path to commit the next one.

    nasty things grow in the dark things said in the light can be laughed at, encouraged, or watched….

  5. because it does not advance debate on a subject.
    If you attack the person and don’t discuss the issue it’s because A) you can’t argue the issue, the reasons for that can be multifold, or B) your just a scumbag filled with hate.
    This site got filled with people who had no desire to debate or discuss differing positions on the issues. They then over a period of years drove everyone that disagreed with them off the site….
    The only one left on the site that didn’t agree with them that they couldn’t drive away was me smcgiff….
    That was a fight they could never win, they couldn’t challenge me intellectually, and they had no interest in discussing issues. I offered everyone of them the opportunity to do their own posts on whatever they wanted. They chose instead to just continue to keep attacking me personally.
    They were encouraged to open their own site they did, and then they were removed from here.
    I’m sorry if you don’t know the difference between disagreeing on issues and a personal attack…. even though you do.

  6. All that is your opinion, Patrick. Even if 100% (not saying either way) correct, you censored them.

    So, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t believe you’d lay down your life to allow ISIS to gloat in Times Square about the loss of US lives they killed.

  7. So you believe because I ended the nonsense here on the site that contradicts my position on free speech…. that is your choice. It is not a very honest or fair one Seamus.

    and you have been around long enough and are more than smart enough to know the difference.

  8. this conversation is an example of why the conversation ended and without regret.
    as much as I’d enjoy a conversation smcgiff what I’d enjoy it to be is a conversation about anything but me…
    We post 1000 different topics on this site a month, yet once again the conversation goes to just on topic why patrick is a dick….
    it is tiresome…. no one wants to join in on these discussions because they aren’t discussions.
    You are civil and decent man smcgiff, I’ll gladly discuss anything with you except the removal of others from the site.

  9. I don’t remember the exact conversations, but I understand it was they called you a liar.

    If true, I remember they disagreed with that assertion (but not the specifics), I understand them being banned. But, I also think its censorship. You could have highlighted each time when they lied. It would have been painful and unwieldy and that’s why I understand the banning.

    Likewise, ISIS would be censored if they wanted to put out on US media that Americans deserved to die on 911 because, well whatever BS they came up with.

  10. smcgiff… if ISIS got a film to the company that runs the screens in time square they would run it… why wouldn’t they?
    two things one it would be a pr victory and that rules everything… you’d have 100% of the nations eyes glued to your spot both positive and negative. and seconds of view time equal millions of dollars in revenue…. so there would be a profit motive and then there is the leftest idiocy that permeates every aspect of our lives…. Donald Trump is banned from Twitter but the Taliban, Hezbollah, and ISIS aren’t…..

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