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We are reminded, once again, of the sheer lunacy of an Iranian woman who had actually left that Muslim shithole to marry some English bloke, had a daughter: and then proceeded to go back into Iran for an f@*^^^ing holiday to see her parents ; STILL holding dual British-Iranian nationalities. The Times newspaper has both a full page comment piece; and an Editorial: about how Naz—whatever her name is, has been sold down the river, because the Brit Foreign Office (F.O.) has now admitted that no British passport holder, when overseas has any right to assistance from the F.O..

Now readers may well remember my prior posts about this truly stupid woman, who was warned about the sheer insanity of returning to a Muslim Mullah-ruled shithole, where normal rule-of-law just do not apply. Where they do not accept dual nationality status. Where they make the rules, in their country. She ignored the warnings, because  SHE KNEW BETTER! Its as simple as that!

The Times reports that Naz— whatever-her-name-is is but another pawn in a diplomatic tussle between Great Britain and the Islamic Republic. The Shah’s Government ordered 1,750 Chieftain tanks from Vickers, a British manufacturer, and made a £400 million downpayment. Along comes Khomeini and the Revolution; up steps the bloody F.O., and says to Vickers “You can’t sell 1,750 tanks to a bunch of wild-eyed Muslims who preach world-wide death to the Unbelievers. Oh, and by the way, we’ll hang on to that £400 million; presumably on the basis of ‘Finders-Keepers’.

So Iran, especially after the Iran-Iraq war, being desperately short of cash, asked Gt. Britain for the return of all that cash, seeing as they didn’t have the tanks. Now no-one really knows why the Brit. Government said ‘Sorry, we’ve got the cash, but that was from the Shah’s Regime; you overthrew the Shah. etc. etc.’; but they did, and that is why the Iranians feel hard done by. The Americans had 4 US citizens held hostage by the Iranians, but they negotiated, and Obama paid up, and the hostages were promptly released. So why doesn’t the British Government do the same? After all, the cash belongs to the Iranian Govt. no matter how revolutionary they may be.

So, while the Brits refuse to negotiate,  Naz— whatever-her-name-is is stuck on parole in some Iranian suburb; still as silly and stupid as ever, and her equally stupid husband has a regular seat in the Foreign Office lobby. The only one I feel any sympathy for is the couple’s small daughter, stuck with her Iranian relatives. 

I I C W I, b I M A a O

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One thought on “Naz— whatever-her-name-is gets ever more newsprint

  1. You may have no sympathy for the woman and her family, but I do have sympathy for them.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I have a friend, born in Iran, an American passport holder, who returned to Iran, solo, to visit her grandmother when she was still alive. That trip was entirely joyous, nothing bad happened. And it was made at a time when US Iran relations were not good.

    I think that my friend was brave to make that trip. And I think that a number of Americans / British / western dual passport make such trips for similar reasons. Not the best risk management, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I’m never going to criticize them for that.

    The awful Iran regime is wrong for holding her hostage for no apparent legitimate reason. They should be condemned by all for that.

    But British are wrong to hold onto hundreds of millions of pounds for no legitimate reason. Every penny of that money belongs to Iran, not Britain. That money should be returned soonest, with interest.

    And BTW Obama was 100 percent correct for returning Iran’s money.

    You shouldn’t only be honest when dealing with your friends. You should be honest all the time.

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