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Took a look at the CDC Covid Tracker website today.

There are a number of ways to analyze where we are as respects the virus here.

One of the more useful metrics is to look at the number of new cases over the past seven days per 100,000 population. That gives you the rate. You can compare that rate with where you were in the past, and you can compare the rate in one state or city with other states and cities.

Well, this is what I see when I look at the –current– number of new cases over the past seven days as divided 100,000 in population

Oklahoma 115
California 111
Pennsylvania 71.2
NY State ( ex NYC ) 60
Florida 51.7
New Jersey 48
New York City 42

You are invited to double check, by checking the linked map.

New York City has for a very long time had among the lowest new cases per capita compared with most of the US.

Yet our restaurants are closed, while the restaurants many other states are open for business.

And it looks like the number of new cases here pretty much stopped rising early in December and may have started to go down

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9 thoughts on “New Virus Cases in Last 7 days per 100,000 population

  1. well done NY
    got hit the hardest first, but by paying attention you’re reaping what you sow
    so are the other dumb states, reaping what they sow
    Its no more complex than that ..

  2. I won’t mock the hardest hit states, that’s Pat’s thing.

    The Covid truthers and mask shirkers are a problem here in NYC as they are in England and the US generally. They’re certainly well represented on this site.

    The health care workers in PA CA and OK are stressed, overworked, very angry at those sons of bitches who continue to make this problem much worse than it needs to be.

  3. In some cases, the mayors and governors may not be dumb.

    They’re actually afraid of the truculent, militant, ” I got my rights ” element who want to spread disease to their neighbor.

    I’ve heard mayors ( in South Dakota ? ) speak openly about this

    Again health care workers in Oklahoma loudly asked Trump not to have the indoor and largely mask-free rally in Tulsa. Trump refused, Cain died, and six months later the virus remains unchecked in Oklahoma today. The Truthers, here and in Oklahoma don’t care.

  4. hmmn?
    I’m sure redneck intimidation plays a huge part in this
    don’t wanna upset the crazies , i mean look they were trying to kidnap a Governor of a state
    before they got busted and will serve 20 years a piece in jail ..
    Plenty of Republicans have said and done the right thing over the past few months though, particularly as regards certifying the election. Credit to those Patriots .
    They remember the Constitution : loyalty is to your country not your president !
    Don’t think PVT would understand that .. do you ?

  5. “Yet our restaurants are closed, while the restaurants many other states are open for business.”

    Not “yet”. More like “because”.

    The idea is to prevent the cases (and deaths) before they happen.

  6. Frank

    Maybe…but the ban on indoor dining was reinstated on December 14, and if I read the chart right, a significant flattening had happened for about two weeks before then.

    ( maybe it started about three weeks before, since we speak of seven day averages? )

  7. Phantom,

    I think people start to act before the measures are introduced, Similarly they start to relax just before they are lifted.

    I remember even when pubs etc were open here, they were pretty empty on the few occasions I ventured out to them, Though it’s hard to judge as it would have been mostly small town places I went to. Still even in bigger places like Brighton which would be normally heaving it seemed pretty easy to get a table etc despite reduced capacity.

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