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Laughing all the way to the Jersey bank.

My sincere congratulations to right-on comedian Jimmy Carr. Despite being a very high earner he’s managed to keep almost all of it, losing just one per cent of his income last year to the rapacious state.

Despite this righteous and moral act, he was still heckled last night at a gig after the news broke. I suppose it’s understandable given the towering hypocrisy on show. It turns out that some of that income was earned doing the kind of skit on Channel 4 which berated Barclays for a “tax scam” which allowed it for paying … well, just one per cent in tax.

Still, angels rejoice over one sinner repenting and all that, and I welcome Jimmy Carr’s conversion in the pro-society, anti-state battle.

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14 thoughts on “NICE ONE JIMMY

  1. He’s no more a hypocrite than the Messiah Obama and his band of Socialist elite thieving phoney do-gooders..

    George Cloony, Babs Striesand and the rest of the Hollywood, closet billionaire rabble could buy and sell 98% of Americans, but they still shout the Liberal mantra: “We must take more taxes from the rich to save the poor”. If the “so-called” rich earned their fortunes through hard work and long hours in a capitalist country good for them. They earned it and they shouldn’t be forced to part with it at a tax rate higher than any other citizen.

    Furthermore, the only thing you get from throwing money at the irresponsible poor is a jump in the booze, bling and drug economy. You can’t treat people like children and expect (poof) them to act like responsible adults cause if you do you’ll wind up with a culture of dependency and governmental control………exactly like the Republic of Ireland.

  2. Eddie,

    don’t mention the oirish, you’ll get told off.

    ps, whisper it, but Bono will save poverty this year by bailing out Greece.

  3. Pfft! who can blame him, why should he pay more then 1% and see it blown on some Somalian families inner city mansion.

  4. He should pay what he owes, as he EARNED the money in the UK.


    Why one rule for celebs and one rule for the rest of us?

  5. Missing the point chaps. It’s not that he’s legally avoiding tax…we’d probably all like to do that.

    It’s the sheer HYPOCRISY of a loudmouthed leftie (and I know he is one) slagging off one group of rich people doing EXACTLY what he himself (anther mega rich bloke) is oh so quietly doing.

    This is what you get when the twerps are running the country. Gents I give you socialist Msr Hollande and his magic 75% income tax. Soon to cause large scale disappearances of the wealthy in his home nation.

    Better that everyone pay a flat 30% of income full stop- vastly simplified tax structure needs MANY less civil servants to run it. Small government thats whats called for now..
    Yes it’s my old favourite the flat tax proposal. Even the TPA have now joined me in pushing for this. Radical surgery of the SS Great Britain is needed, not mere tinkering at the edges of continuity Brownism.

    Fat chance eh? With the political twerp elite class of all stripes running the country into the ground.

  6. The hypocrisy is stunning.

    Unlike most comedians beloved by the BBC, Jimmy Carr is actually funny (although a bit one dimensional) but how he could have been so stupid as to think his own tax affairs wouldn’t come out when he was mocking others is a mystery.

  7. I concur. Well done, Mr Carr, for keeping 99% of your own money, and for thereby contributing to the overall economy far more effectively than you would have done, had you allowed that ‘gang of thieves writ large’ known as the State to loot your capital.

  8. What a jerk. But this is a timely reminder that the greed of millionaires has nothing to do with tax rates. They don’t want to pay any tax at all and reducing rates wuill make no difference to scumbags like Carr.

  9. I presume Carr avails of various public services – health, education etc. – drives a car on the roads.

    And people cheer him for this free-loading behaviour! Weird.

  10. Ye gods I agree with Mr Tarasov on something. Whats even scarier is that we both agree with Mr Ca-moron. Bet you wish you’d kept quiet now Petr eh?

  11. Grovelling apology from Jimmy Carr. Deafening silence from Pete Moore:

    “Comedian Jimmy Carr says he has “made a terrible error of judgement” over using a tax avoidance scheme. In a statement on his Twitter account, Mr Carr said he was no longer involved in the K2 tax shelter.”

    Link here

  12. Ssssshhhhuuussshhh!

    (free speech is banned unless he approves, he deletes if it is not his thing)

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