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It is my firm belief that we, as a nation, should go back to the Cambridge English Dictionary, so as to establish a term, a name, a noun for a female, especially these females, who simply do not deserve the Title, the honourable Name: of a Mother.

A Mother is not only the one who carries you for nine months before giving you life; a Mother is the one who brings you up, who gives her own life as an example to her child; who bandages your knee, and then kisses it better; who tucks you in at night; who worries beyond reason when you are ten minutes late, after you promised that you would be back on time from a date, or from a dance. A Mother is the one who loves you unconditionally, and would stand in front to protect you from harm.

What indeed would you call a lesbian and her ‘wife/partner/whatever’ who battered tiny Star Hobson  so fiercely that her main vein carrying blood back to the heart from the legs and organs of the abdomen had been torn, causing major blood loss. 

Star also suffered a split to the liver, a tear to the fatty attachments of the bowel and bruising to the lower part of the lungs and the pancreas. 

Prosecutor Alistair MacDonald QC said the injuries had been caused by a severe and forceful blow or blows, ‘either in the form of punching, stamping or kicking to the abdomen’. 

Sixteen month-old Star was left lying dead on the floor for fifteen minutes before this couple of monsters concocted a plan to lie to the ambulance staff, before they made a 999 call to those Emergency Services.

As the trial progresses, it would be both unwise and illegal to further comment upon the fate of these two monsters: but I believe it is perfectly acceptable to opine that to call this pair ‘monsters’ is being grossly unfair to the monsters of this world.

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