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Remarkable! Did you read that Muslim sex offenders are asking to be let off a prison treatment programme on religious grounds? Rapists, paedophiles and other dangerous attackers are expected to discuss their crimes with other inmates as a condition of release. But Muslim prisoners complain that criminals should not have to talk about their offences – a "legitimate Islamic position", according to Ahtsham Ali, the Prison Service’s Muslim adviser.

One thousand inmates were put on the Sex Offender Treatment Programme last year with places usually reserved for the most dangerous attackers. Failure to complete the course can weigh against an offender at parole hearings. The possibility of an exemption for Muslims came to light in a letter from an unnamed inmate to Inside Time, a newspaper for prisoners. The convict said: "I have always insisted that it was against Islamic teachings to discuss your offence to anyone, let alone act it out within a peer group."  Experts said ministers, who have launched a review of the issue, could face a legal challenge from Muslims kept longer in prison because they had not undergone the treatment programme.

Fair enough – let them off the talking, just castrate them.

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  1. Saw it, I think I mentioned it in FR’s thread last night. Did you see that 24% of all sex offenders in NI are foreign nationals – how about that one!!! The BBC did a special report for the 6.30 news but did not put the report on line, and Gregory Campbell said the study should not be used to attack people. Which is true!!! Having said that they ought to have put the report on line.

  2. Dear oh dear.

    I have always insisted that it was against Islamic teachings to discuss your offence to anyone …

    Yeah, yeah, and I’ve heard it said that committing crimes is unislamic too. So either this is nonsense, or we’re dealing with the suddenly pious. But no matter, what islam says is entirely irrelelvent to Crown penal policy. Expect the government to cave in by the end of the week.

  3. This looks like a ruse to get early release and cash for Muslim prisoners on the grounds that it’s against their religion to get "treatment" for their criminal propensities or to talk about their offences.

    It’s probably an odds on gamble to refuse treatment. They could win an early parole with a nice cheque to compensate them for the trauma of enduring the threat of a longer sentence – since a condition of early release is an "unislamic" compromise.

  4. As far as I’m aware, muslims are permitted to rape non-muslim women, and then to lie about it. It’s in the koran and their paedo-prophet not only endorsed it but put it into practice himself. What an example!

  5. If muslim paedophiles do not wish to take part in the approved forms of treatment may I suggest another that has a 100% success rate . Take 125grains of lead and inject inter-crainialy at 1200 fps., works every time .

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