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Did you see that the European Union is set to reinforce rules which ban English tests for doctors and nurses from the EU before they are allowed to work here, branding it a ‘restraint of free movement’ of workers.

The European directive, currently being debated in Brussels, insists that British employers can only test medics from Europe after their poor English has endangered patient care, flagging ‘serious and concrete doubt about the professional’s sufficient language knowledge’.

This is just a small example of how the EU literally endangers lives. The argument for removing our country from this monstrosity is overwhelming but naturally we are denied a vote. You know why.

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10 thoughts on “NO SPEKKO DA LINGO…

  1. Ok so the hospital authorities are only allowed to worry about patient safety after the patients safety has been endangered. Welcome to the mad mad world of Directive idiocy and craven political cowardice.

  2. For matters like this the UK should simply refuse to comply. Draw a line in the sand.

    The directive has zero merit.

  3. Many here don’t understand capitalism at all

    It has never required Unreatricted immigration.

    Immigration should only be permitted to the extent that it benefits the host nation, and not just economically, There is more to society than money

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