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This seems a superficially good idea and of course it does contain some merit but it is fatally flawed;

Should benefit claimants be prevented from spending the money given to them by the state on alcohol, gambling, cigarettes and other “vices”? A poll commissioned by think tank Demos suggests most people would support such a move. But the findings have been met with horror by anti-poverty campaigners, who have questioned whether the British public really feel that way, or whether they have been denied the full facts on poverty by the government and certain newspapers.

There are several aspects to this worth considering;

1. Since when does the State have a right to tell you what sort of food you should eat or what you should drink? Who decides this and on what basis? Who monitors it and at what cost? This is pure Nanny Statism and I resent any politician telling anyone what sort of groceries they should buy. It is clearly a power grab by the State, dreamed up by the left wing think tank Demos group,  and I would not tolerate their impudence.

2. I am a libertarian and so I believe people, individuals, have the right to make wise or stupid choices with the money they get. So, IF someone wants to spend all their Welfare unwisely, I think they have that right to be foolish. The tricky bit is that their folly is being funded by my taxes. Of course that then means that one then has to question WHY they need such Welfare in the first place if it it is solely cater for their drinking, drugs or gambling. All the howls of outrage from the so called Anti-Poverty activists cut no ice with me.  The real issue here lies with the nature of Welfare. What was once designed to provide the most basic comfort blanket for the most needy has become a lifestyle choice for far too many. Simple as that. Vouchers wont sort that malaise out only radical surgery can do that job.

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One thought on “NO TO NANNY STATE…

  1. The case for welfare stands or falls by itself.

    A poll commissioned by think tank Demos suggests most people would support such a move.

    This implies that “most” people support being robbed, just as long as the people who get the loot don’t spend it on booze and fags. These people are stupid.

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