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One can imagine a petulant Adolf muttering the title phrase in his bunker feelung underappreciated by the world as his enemies closed in.
Trump’s weird fetish of criticizing his moral opposite John McCain gets odder by the day. Like Big Brother he seems to view McCain as his Goldstein deserving of a two minute hate by his followers.
I imagine the pressure is getting too much for him, and lashing out with lies and delusion is his modus operandi.

Now he is upset no one ever thanked him for McCain’s funeral. Even his staff is perplexed by what he means. Maybe a thank you for staying away from it?

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8 thoughts on “Nobody Ever Thanked Me For The Volkswagen

  1. The fake president’s bizarre obsession with the late and great McCain could make for a good play or movie.

    To paraphrase Joyce I think, the obsession could keep a million psychiatrists busy for a million years.

    There’s a great envy at work here.

  2. I used to wonder where Pat’s, with his gushing admiration for the US military, paradoxical disdain and contempt for a multiple decorated US combat vet and POW came from. Now I think I may have an insight into it.

  3. In 2008, when McCain ran against Barack Hussein Obama, the left had him down as a psychologically unsound warmonger who abused his wife. Then he criticised President Trump, while corruptly playing his part in producing a fake report, and he’s suddenly Mr Morality.

    Democrats are full of shit.

  4. Trump’s attacks on McCain are unseemly and sick. A WP article claimed his base shares his McCain hatred. If true, the base deserves condemnation along with their master. Speaking ill of the dead, especially a national hero, is something only those with polluted minds do.

  5. In 2008, when McCain ran against Barack Hussein Obama, the left had him down as a psychologically unsound warmonger who abused his wife

    Who said that?

    Who is the left?

    Quick, start googling

  6. I’d say in 2008 most Democrats saw McCain as a war hero who was pretty conservative across the board, who occasionally made some good points and reached across the aisle, but who had a terrible choice in running mates and wasn’t up to solving economic problems.

  7. McCain and Obama were respectful of one another through the whole thing

    Adversaries yes, enemies, no.

  8. It’s not hard to understand why five-deferments Trump hates decorated vereran McCain. It’s because McCain showed him up for the priveleged draft-dodging jerk that he is.

    What is harder to understand is why Trump pursues this vendetta months after McCain’s death. It’s clearly some sort of personality disorder, as in sociopath.

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