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You would need a heart of stone not to smile at the sheer bleeding heart liberal stupidity of this;

Harsher taxes should be introduced to stop ‘townies’ buying second homes in the countryside and ‘gutting’ rural communities,  the head of the Campaign to Protect Rural England has said.  Former Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion – who took over as president of the CPRE last year – said  the tax on second homes should be ratcheted up to discourage city workers from snapping up countryside properties to use as weekend retreats.  He said too many second home owner fail to contribute to the life of rural communities and simply ‘scoot down’ for the weekend before returning to London ‘in time to catch the 10 o’clock news on Sunday night’.

I am writing this from my second home! So, I have a take on this one.

For starters. I already contribute extensive rates to the local council. I spend my money in local shops. I eat out in local restaurants. I use local workmen and professionals to maintain my property.  The harsh fact is that without people like me … “townies” (even though I live in the Country) little villages like I live in would fall into economic ruin.

The former poet Laureate fails to understand that the laws of supply and demand apply EVERYWHERE and in his quest to preserve some sort of rural idyll all he will do is impoverish the very communities he claims he wants to protect. Taxing those who seek to own second properties is pure socialist envy politics. Motion was USELESS as a Poet and he now shows his lack of talent did not stop there.

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4 thoughts on “PUERILITY IN MOTION

  1. the laws of supply and demand apply EVERYWHERE

    Precisely. That includes the cost of houses in the countryside. When “townies” bid for those houses, they bid up the price, often beyond the means of locals. This has been happening for decades, and the free market solution would be to allow more house-building in the areas affected, so that locals could either rent or buy. But unfortunately, the townies who buy second homes have a vested interest against any such building and are in the first ranks of the nimbies. And this is reflected in the attitude of the local councils, so there has been a continued failure to build houses that are desperately needed.

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