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1) Never trust the Ukrainians

2) Most “reputable” journalists are simply stenographers, repeating what they are fed. The media, worldwide, gleefully jumped on the news that another “prominent critic of Vladimir Putin” had been shot. No questions asked, no facts demanded, and no corroboration necessary. They are just stenographers.

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6 thoughts on “NOPE

  1. Never trust the Ukrainians

    Well, it’s a good thing that we can rely on the Russians to be truthful.

    I would love to have seen Putin’s face when he was told that his enemy lives. Last week two Russian “journalists” who are “close to Putin” pulled a hoax on Boris Johnson and what passes for the Russian “media” was full of mockery and laughter. Now they are in a black rage, just like their master. What goes around comes around.

  2. Bill Browder (the Magnitsky Act man) is keeping ahead of Putin, for now:

    “Financier and anti-Putin campaigner Bill Browder has accused the UK government of failing to protect him after he was arrested in Spain this morning. The Hermitage Capital founder, who was detained in Madrid under a Russian Interpol arrest warrant, told City A.M. Russia was using the system “to track down enemies of the Putin regime”. He added: “It is totally unacceptable for the British government not to protect me and other British citizens who have fallen foul of the Kremlin… if I had been handed over to the Russians I would have been killed.”

    Browder claimed his arrest – ostensibly for fraud – had been sparked by the Magnitsky Act passing in the UK last week, noting that he had been put on the Interpol system after similar acts were passed in Canada and the US.”


  3. Pete Moore is wiggling his Russian ra ra skirt and waving his “We love Putin” Pom Poms again I see. 😍

  4. Most “reputable” journalists are simply stenographers, repeating what they are fed

    That’s no way to talk about David’s employers Pete.

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