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Again, yet again, our enemies lie and the media happily broadcasts them. This truly is the age of lies.

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17 thoughts on “NOT A MILLION

  1. 320,000 for Remain – none against: that’s it decided, and binding, and closed.

    Yeah, right

  2. Whatever the exact numbers, it was as Donald would say HUUUUUUUUGE and a demonstration of the very best display of Britishness, good humoured, peaceful , tolerant moderate and a great day out for all the family.

    PS , it was confirmed today that the same organisation had been asked to count the numbers on Farage’s “ Free us from European slavery” march and admitted they had mistakenly underestimated that total by 50%…. at the moment they did the count 8 of them had popped into the local Wetherspoons to use the bogs 😉

  3. Breaking:
    The Letwin’s amendment has just been passed. The HoC now takes control of the agenda for the next series of votes.

  4. Regardless what the numbers were or weren’t it’s good to see Pete considers ‘Full Fact’ a credible analytical statistical source.

    There’s some interesting facts and figures on it. Good one to remember for future reference.

  5. Thee more ministers in the UK govt have resigned.

    Whoever would have thought that Brexit would be so much fun.

  6. When Trump exaggerated the size of the crowd at his inauguration, I’m sure that Pete criticized him soundly.

    Fair and balanced, always.


    Yes Pete, my 7.48 pm on the Two Marches thread linked to the Wired article.

  8. Pete Moore

    Almost certainly not. Experts in crowd modelling…

    So you believe experts in crowd modelling, but not experts in climate change.
    LOL. You’re so transparent.

  9. Yep Peter. From the article you linked to on my two marches thread:

    Crowd science is clear: the anti-Brexit protest was one of the biggest in UK history, but it wasn’t a million people

    Still wasn’t as big as the Nige’s Freedom March though.

  10. Allan would only become truly sceptical about the march totals if they reached 6 Million 😉

  11. As an Anglophile, it was wonderful to see the English people mobilise themselves in their hundreds of thousands to oppose this fool’s errand. True English patriots marching for their nation’s future.

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