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Blake was the last in a line of British spies to operate secretly for the Soviet Union, exposing the identities of hundreds of western agents across eastern Europe in the 1950s and humiliating the intelligence establishment when his work was discovered at the height of the cold war.

Some of the agents Blake exposed were executed as a result of his treason, making him one of the most notorious double agents of the era, alongside the ring of double agents known as the Cambridge Five.

When Blake’s cover was blown in 1961, he was sentenced to 42 years’ imprisonment in London’s Wormwood Scrubs. He escaped in 1966 with the help of other inmates and two activists, and was smuggled out of the UK in a camper van.

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7 thoughts on “Not only the good are dying

  1. Yes, good riddance to that traitrous bastard. He sent a lot of brave men and women to their deaths and should have spent the rest of his life in prison. Instead he served just a few years and escaped to his beloved Moscow where was greeted as a hero of the ****ing revolution.

  2. Anyway, the Prussians are still alive and well in Germany. What other European country would stage this? Yorck was a Prussian general who defied his king in 1812 and started a German nationalist war against Napoleon as his devasted army retreated from Russia. It’s a good military march, but the interesting thing is that the Germans still love it in 2020:

  3. // the Prussians are still alive and well in Germany. //

    Not only Germany. The territory of Prussia was broken up after WW2 and now forms part of seven countries: Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Belgium.

    The perception of Prussia and the Prussians in the west is a bit of a myth. Yes, they were disciplined etc, but they were also generally very liberal and open by German standards, and Berlin’s reputation for license and debauchery didn’t start in the 1920s.

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