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A few years back, my wife had an accident; she fractured one of the bones in her left elbow; nothing too dramatic, but she had to go into hospital to have it repaired. Whilst she was in the ward, blood tests revealed that she was also suffering from diabetes, and would have to remain on insulin for the rest of her life. This illness, which happens to a part of our bodily organs called the pancreas, is both complex and simple, with the simple being the truth that, without regular insulin injections to regulate blood sugar levels, the person will rapidly die.

But it is an extremely common problem, easily detected, easily regulated and comparably easy to live with, which is why I just cannot understand what is so shocking about her diagnosis! After all, she is just another woman, and definitely no-one special!

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2 thoughts on “Not so ‘Shocking’

  1. Mizz May is just covering herself in case she drops a clanger:
    “I was suffering a hypoglycaemic episode”.

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