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16 thoughts on “Nothing to see here, move along

  1. This is exactly why relying on twitter for news is so lame. A headline that doesn’t explain detail but allows prejudices to flourish and aiming to make the reader believe all Democrats in the house support attacks and violence against the police. Im pretty certain there were other reasons connected proceduraly or embedded in the Republican nominated resolution that halted their support for it.

  2. There is nothing to see. A far-right congressman proposed a resolution that “strongly opposes efforts to defund, dismantle, or disband police forces” and it was put in the bin where it belongs. So if, as one of the options may be, a police force is unreformable for many reasons then Steube’s resolution would support leaving it in place rather than disbanding it and replacing it with a proper police force.

    If Congressman Steube supports George Floyd so much why did he vote against the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act?

  3. Obviously by voting against that act that means he and other Republicans who voted against it believe George Floyd already had justice delivered by the police. That’s the logic of this post !

  4. Party line left/right/Dem/Republican talking points are not helpful in any way to attempts to solve our national problems.

  5. The resolution was offered knowing it would fail so misleading posts could pop up on the internet. Surprise Surprise.

  6. This is why copy and paste tweets etc, with no supporting context, are so unpopular here. Very misleading.

  7. The Democrat Party is running a campaign of scorched earth to disrupt the country to try and win an election.

    They tried for 4yrs to impeach and throw Trump out of office because they lost, they have no record of achievement, they have Joe Biden as their candidate, they are locking people up for going to church while kneeling in endorsement to rioters, looters, and the destroyers of public property, as they try to spark a race war until they can steal the election with mail in ballots.

    Non cooperation on ANY bill that might lesson the tension in the country is out of the question on their part period.

    calling it a republican stunt is a good little terror supporting democrat drone statement Mahons.

  8. Seimi if you don’t like the format of my posts don’t comment…. it’s that simple.

  9. The Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim houses of worship near me have just reopened at limited seating.

    Their pastors never whined about being asked to close for a time. They knew that there was a pandemic.

    Who were the people who arrested for going to church? What are their names?

  10. PaTroll
    I’ll comment wherever I like, thanks very much.
    A few people have complained about this type of post very recently. No proper commentary, no background. Just a sensationalist headline and the tweet itself which, as it turns out, appears to be untrue or, at the very least, highly inaccurate.

  11. Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to look at the whole resolution, just accept that it was merely against rioting and looting? How prescious.

  12. Patrick

    Why should Democrats support a Republican resolution but Republicans are under no obligation to support Democrat ones ?

  13. Over the last 40 years if I had had the vote in the US I would have voted Republican far more than for the Democrats. I was a fan of Reagan and both Bushes though would probably have voted for Obama over the two Republicans he ran against. Even though I have lived in the US I will never understand the mindless partisanship that Patrick displays week after week, epitomised by this post.

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