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Water Street, near Wall Street, 1230pm, June 16. Not dead, but not normal either.

As of the other day, 70% of New Yorkers have received the at least one vaccine shot.
Governor Mario will be setting off fireworks tonight.

It’s been a long, long year plus.

But things have been looking up for some time.

As of late April, NYC subway ridership has been above 2 million during the week.

Restaurants reopened at full capacity on May 19.

Offices have been allowed to re-open for a long time.

Domestic tourists have started to return to Manhattan.

But we’re not out of the woods. There won’t be a return to normal until most white collar workers return to the office. And that hasn’t happened. Many employers are allowing workers to keep working from home for the time being, and a lot of workers are choosing to do that. They don’t want to come back to the office now, especially if that means a return to 90 minute commutes. Formal office re-openings are for many companies won’t be until September.

A number of employers are allowing first wave employees to come in on a voluntary basis. I am part of a relatively few that are doing that now. I choose to come in two or three days a week. I like the return to some sort of normal structure. I think that I get more done in an office than at home. And I enjoy being in the city, and enjoy giving some business to the long suffering delis and restaurants.

It’s sad to see so many long standing small and not so small restaurants and bars closed ; I’m amazed how some have survived this far.

These are not normal times, especially in the Wall Street area. But things have improved bit by bit every week.

July should see the return of much more domestic tourism, including a welcome flood from the nearby states. Foreign travel is still dicey, so come see America first.

In September, Broadway’s back.

Keep your fingers crossed, I believe that it gets better from here.

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12 thoughts on “NYC is Looking Up

  1. Canada is now the leader of developed nations in 1st shot vaccines. Me Ive had both and am just waiting for my 14 days to expire

  2. When do you expect them to open the Canadian border for tourist travel Etc

    As you of course know, the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team has not been allowed to play any home games in Canada this season. Their temporary home has been in Florida or Buffalo New York which is genuinely weird

  3. They havent really said yet but I know the northern states are starting to push for it because Canadian tourists make up an important part of their economies.

    Canada is now first in the developed world in first injection vaccines and is well on the way with second doses but honestly with the 14 day waiting period after 2nd dose I would be surprised if the border opened before mid to late July

    It might also come with a vaccine passport requirement to enter Canada by Canadians and americans alike

  4. Tourist flows do go both ways.

    Events like the Montreal Comedy Festival – in normal times a major five day event – can’t run properly with a closed border. Their current plans for this July are for a hybrid thing, mostly streaming and a few locals in the venues. That’s making the best of a bad situation, but it won’t be any help for the hotels, clubs, restaurants, taxis and those who work in them.

  5. My company have offices in a WeWork building (multiple companies renting a few offices each).

    I would go in once every few weeks, for most of the last year it has been very empty, with a lot of unrented rooms. It has picked up slightly in the last couple of months but not much. The area (just south of Times Square) has been very empty, a marginal uptick recently but I think the recovery will take a while, even after all Covid restrictions are lifted.

  6. Yes

    Some here have had the situation read flat out wrong

    The cities remain quiet not due to government restrictions, but more because employees and companies do not wish to return to the city, at least not yet.

    I know a good number of workers who are still wary about returning to crowded settings.

    If there had not been the earlier lockdowns, you could have had real panic and confusion, at a time when deaths were spiking much higher, when hospitals were severely overtaxed.

    But again, the kind of lockdowns still spoken of have not existed for quite a while in NYC or the US for most part.

  7. “And I enjoy being in the city, and enjoy giving some business to the long suffering delis and restaurants.”

    Me too, it appears we both have expense accounts & Corporate Cards.

  8. we both have expense accounts & Corporate Cards

    I’m not referring to anything of that sort.

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